Gia Peppers is Owning the Media Industry


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Gia Peppers is Conquering the Media Industry with Her New Projects Including Podcasts and Journalism

ENSPIRE Contributor: Natalie Dean

The proclaimed “Millennial Voice of The Culture” Gia Peppers is making waves in the entertainment industry. Her great on-air personality, journalism skills, and insightful podcasts have made her a name to follow! 

She is currently ⅕ of the hosts of “Black Girl Pod,” a popular podcast, and she has several entertainment credits to her name. She also recently launched an interview series called “Give You The Game,” available on YouTube and IGTV, in which she speaks with leaders about popular problems when it comes to working, inspiration, entrepreneurship, and more. The series teaches and inspires viewers by sharing clever advice and encouragement. Some of the guest stars on the series include Debbie Allen, Erica Campbell, and Sarah Jakes Roberts.

Photo: Gia Peppers

Gia Peppers is dedicated to helping women succeed in chasing their dreams. Determined to share the secrets to her own success with the women who follow her, she works tirelessly to make each of her projects incredible. She shares authentic advice and pushes her audience to be the best that they can be! On each of her platforms, she approaches her viewers with empathy and authenticity. Her bright personality really draws in those who can benefit from her advice!

Besides supporting budding female entrepreneurs, Gia Peppers is committed to uplifting Black voices in the industry. She highlights and features Black creators, and she reminds her audience of how incredible and talented each and every one of them is. As a Black woman herself, Gia understands the importance of seeing yourself represented and uplifted in media, and she works to ensure that she makes the industry a better place for Black creators and entrepreneurs everywhere. 

Photo: Gia Peppers

If you’re looking for your new favorite girl boss, look no further! Gia not only has great advice, but her positivity and creativity make her a great choice for podcast host, internet creator, and more.

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