Lifestyle and Motherhood Influencer Bunny Barbie Launches Her New Reality TV Show Legally Bunny

Bunny Barbie photographed by Chris Martin @bychrismartin

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Bunny Barbie is One of the First Women to Create Produce and Launch Her Own Reality TV Show

ENSPIRE Contributor: Iris Michelsen

With over 2 million TikTok followers, Bunny Barbie has made a name for herself as a lifestyle and motherhood influencer. Now, she is taking her career to the next level by launching her own self-created reality show, Legally Bunny. After breaking free from an abusive reality TV contract, Bunny created her show as an opportunity to tell her own story. The show follows her busy life as an influencer, mother, and fashion designer.

Bunny has already amassed a large following online by creating content based on her unique lifestyle and experiences. On top of her career as an influencer, Bunny is also a fashion designer. She has described how throughout her life, she struggled to find clothes that she felt confident in. To help women who feel the same way that she did, Bunny designed her size inclusive clothing line, Bunzie, with the goal of making anyone feel confident in her clothing. Bunny is also preparing to launch Bunzie Cares, an initiative that will donate a portion of the proceeds from her clothing line to those in need.

Bunny Barbie photographed by Chris Martin @bychrismartin

ENSPIRE spoke with Bunny Barbie about her career as an influencer, her new fashion line, and how she balances family life with work life.

You have developed a huge presence on social media, particularly TikTok, through being yourself and sharing your authentic life experiences. Why is it so important to you to express yourself on your own terms?

“I never fit in when Instagram was popular. I really don’t even like taking pictures or posting them. I’m definitely a storyteller at heart, so when TikTok came around it just seemed like a natural fit. I actually never even used Instagram stories before I started TikTok! Everything about it felt so inauthentic that I never posted. Before TikTok, I was cast on a reality show and I actually assumed that in the Instagram era, people would be more interested in my material things than my personality… And I was so wrong. Thankfully so! I don’t think you can build on these platforms or have longevity in this business anymore without being authentic.”

You were one of the first women to create, produce, and launch your own reality TV show. What was that like? How did you do it all yourself?

“As you see time and time again, reality shows are fake and scripted to the point that the authenticity is gone. It’s very rewarding to take the narrative into your own hands. We are gearing up to start filming again soon!”

Bunny Barbie photographed by Chris Martin @bychrismartin

How does your family play a role in the content you make?

“It comes and goes. I’m very authentic in my content, so what I’m really focused on at the moment is what I’m posting about. I notice that it goes in weeks of waves. Some weeks I’ll post a lot of mommy content, some weeks will be with my assistant, some weeks will be fashion content, and some will be my husband. Sometimes I’ll even post mostly satirical, joking content. I really live in the moment and post what comes naturally to me.”

Can you tell us about your fashion line, Bunzie, and what inspires your designs?

“Since my 20s, I’ve always been the person that walks into a room and most people ask where my outfit is from. I don’t know why, but I’ve always really gravitated towards statement pieces. There’s no difference with Bunzie. Even now when I wear Bunzie, it’s weird for me to get used to saying it’s my own design! I love being able to cater to more sizes than 90% of brands and making women feel confident is definitely the goal of Bunzie. I want every woman to feel powerful when they walk into a room.”

One of Bunny’s designs, image from

An important part of Bunzie’s brand is inclusivity, how does the company aim to accomplish its goal of making any woman feel confident in these clothes? 

“Inclusivity is a tricky word because you could always have more sizes, more lengths, and so on. ‘Extended sizing’ is more of a term that I use. Most brands have 3 to 5 sizes maximum, but Bunzie started out with nine sizes from the beginning. Being able to offer the same styles in different sizes was always my goal. Most companies with different sizes also modify their designs and I really want every woman of most sizes to feel confident and sexy.”

Can you tell us about the charity you’re launching, Bunzie Cares? 

“I’ve always given back on my platform even before I was on TikTok. I wanted a better way to organize donations because last holiday season it started with me and two other influencers and then grew even more from donations. I am excited to keep giving back to my Bunzie community.”

Bunny Barbie’s TikTok profile image

Bunny Barbie is using her platform to share her authentic self and take her story into her own hands. As a woman, defining herself on her own terms sends a powerful message. Through her many creative outlets, from her TikTok platform to her fashion line, Bunny is sharing her true self with her audience, and helping others feel confident in the process. 

Check out her fashion line here! Be sure to follow her on Instagram and TikTok to see more of her content.

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