Intriguing Hair Is Restoring Confidence in Women Suffering From Hair Loss


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Intriguing Hair Owner Nikia Londy Helps Women Dealing with Alopecia and Cancer by Offering Medical Reimbursements for Her Services

ENSPIRE Contributor: Iris Michelsen

Nikia Londy, the owner of Intriguing Hair, has made it her life’s work to help women struggling with hair loss. Thousands of women lose their hair every year because of hormone imbalances, alopecia, cancer, and more. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, rates of hair loss in women have increased further. Intriguing Hair is a hair salon and one-stop solution for consumers to purchase high-quality hair extensions, wigs, and hairpieces. The salon has been providing hair replacements and extensions to women of all backgrounds since 2013.

Because of its unique commitment to helping customers who suffer from medical hair loss, Intriguing Hair is more than just another salon. For women who are suffering from medical hair loss, Intriguing Hair offers non-surgical hair replacement solutions such as cranial prostheses. The company works with a network of about 100 insurance companies. They help customers cover the cost of their services and offer medical reimbursement plans. 

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Besides running Intriguing Hair, Londy is a member of the American Hair Loss Council. With Intriguing Hair, she hopes clients can find a renewed sense of faith, confidence, and style.

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Nikia Londy is committed to offering options for all her customers, regardless of race or ethnicity. Her first job after graduating from cosmetology school was at a hair augmentation studio. She worked with affluent, mostly Caucasian women who had experienced hair loss. When Londy opened Intriguing Hair in 2013, it quickly became a place for professional African-American women to purchase high-quality human hair. They can also have the hair installed and customized by certified professionals.

“Unintentionally,” Londy said in an interview, “I realized that both target consumers, African American women, and women with hair loss, experienced the same pain points in the marketplace, which led to these women finding our company.”

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Part of what draws these women to Intriguing Hair is the quality of their products. “Quality is at the heart of our organization,” Londy said. This commitment to quality is demonstrated by the company’s A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The positive culture of the company is equally important to Londy. She describes working with her team as the most rewarding part of her job. She encourages her employees to pursue their dreams. “When our employees leave,” she said, “they often build their own companies with the same work culture that has been instilled within them.”

Hair loss can affect anyone, and it’s important that there are options available for everyone who suffers from this condition. In the end, it’s up to the individual whether they choose to replace their hair. Many women choose to embrace their baldness, and some wear wigs only on certain occasions. What’s important is that every person has the option to do what makes them feel best. Outside of the financial aspect, a lack of variety in available hair replacements can pose a serious challenge. Londy’s work helps all kinds of women find the hair of their dreams, and restore their confidence on their own terms.

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Keep an eye out this year for Intriguing Hair’s Popup Tour with the legendary Trina, and the launch of their smart vending machines. For more information, visit their website!

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