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( ENSPIRE Feature ) Author Andrew Snorton Uses Own Complex Life to Create Stories of Growth And Faith

ENSPIRE Contributor: Keegan Kerns

Andrew Snorton has long been active in his community, including a wide variety of service programs such as Bowl for Kids’ Sake, teaching in Gwinnett County Public Schools, advising after-school sports programs, and working with the yearbook and the Lyricists’ Lounge Poetry Club. In this one specialized area, Andrew Snorton already shows his deep commitment to empowering and educating those around him. Still, he has continued to use his talents, other abilities, and connections to further spread his positive influence. 

This drive for community involvement and improvement has led him to be a board member on Family Food Festival Atlanta, the LEAD Foundation, and different advisory boards. Besides this, he has served as a former president of the Association of Wake Forest University Black Alumni and several other Wake Forest University councils. These experiences have taught him more about the communities around him and the importance of giving back, which has significantly contributed to his success as an inspiring writer. This began with his debut poetic novel, “Deeper Than Your Deepest Sleep: Thoughts On Love With Joseph Snorton,” which touches on Andrew Snorton’s experience of connecting with a family member he didn’t know existed until 2014. In this novel, Andrew Snorton explores important issues such as love, connections, family, and community while making it relatable to an audience that can empathize with his poetic piece.

Snorton With His First and Second Books

After his debut novel, Andrew Snorton continued to explore how to empower others with his poetic work, eventually releasing two more books, a mixtape audiobook series, and becoming more of a presence throughout media. With his second book, 9 Stories of Faith: Volume 1, Snorton explores the story of nine different people across different faiths and backgrounds, creating a diverse experience that gives us multiple answers of how various individuals use their faith to persevere through difficult times. This expansive approach enables readers to find different methods and people to identify and empathize with, even if they haven’t been exposed to the types of faiths mentioned.

In his third book, “Get In the Game That Is Nothing Minor,” Andrew Snorton explores minor league baseball across the South and explores its history, such as the Negro Southern Leagues Museum. From there, he shows how these leagues provide something that fans can all connect and relate to – to bring us together. Andrew Snorton’s “The Author’s Mixtape” is a 3-volume experience that encompasses spoken word and music in a unique and innovative style. Snorton’s poetic talents and related instrumentals’ incorporation of this creative spin on spoken word poetry. 

Snorton’s Third Book

Overall, Andrew Snorton’s work, whether it is his day-to-day contributions to his community or the deeply personal pieces of work that allow us to understand important issues, is incredibly inspiring in its motivation and what it accomplishes. As Snorton continues to work, look out for him on Television, as a speaker, as well as new volumes of his work, including his “The Author’s Mixtape.” While his work is already powerful, his continued innovation and excellence ensure that Andrew Snorton’s work will only continue to be thought-provoking and worth a read or a listen.

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