Explore 6 Cheap School Supply Stores


( ENSPIRE Features ) Back to School Is Back With New Deals!

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

It’s that time of year again when school supplies are the priority on every parent, middle schooler, and college student’s checklist. Buying necessities for school can be a money spender, people are looking for the latest deals and bargains, but may not know what stores to rely on.

Here we have the top six places recommended to buy school supplies for any age. This includes better deals, clearance, coupons, and more. From online, in-store, or shipping, there are tons of options for you to choose from. See which store piques your interest.

  1. Dollar Stores such as Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Family Dollar are great examples of the necessities of school supplies within the dollar range price. Places like Walmart and Staples may have great brand supplies or even the basic needs but it’s more expensive vs the dollar price. If there is one near your area, these dollar stores are great places to get most your back-to-school shopping done.
  1. Slickdeals is a place where you can score deals for online and in-store shopping. With reviews, rates, and shares on the latest deals, with coupon options, there are many products for a discount price. Slickdeals does the searching for you all in one place.
  1. Overstock is a discount store with high-quality products that come from Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx, and other high-end stores. When those items aren’t sold there, they go to Overstock for a cheaper bargain. Leftover supplies can be found for a good deal when coming during the right time/season.
  1. Amazon is the largest company that has anything and everything in bulk or less. There are clearance sales and a daily deal section where you can scavenger for school supplies. They even offer Prime Student membership for college students and a 50% off Amazon Prime. With exclusive deals at your fingertips, college students and parents can find the right supplies for the upcoming school year.
  1. Hollar is the newest retailer online dollar store there is. With a clearance section and coupon codes at your disposal, if a dollar store isn’t around your area this is the second best place to get basic necessities. 
  1. Discount School Supply is a sight where teachers and parents can shop for school supplies. There are discount codes and free shipping over $99 purchases. This is catered towards teachers and parents who have school projects to help their children with. There are sections for outdoor, arts, infant schooling, clearance, and social learning. There even can categorize by age and grade level. The options are endless and you can buy in bulk for a cheap price.

School supplies are a major necessity for the school year and onward. College students, middle schoolers, and little ones starting kindergarten need essentials to educate themselves. What better way than to explore amazing deals at a discounted price? Browse these online options and in-store ones as well.

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