Childhood Stutterer to National Speaker: Derrick Butts


( ENSPIRE Business ) Derrick Butts: Sales Expert, Master Motivator, and Influencer

ENSPIRE Contributor: Daniel Garritson

Derrick Butts is the founder of Assist U2 Win, a coaching firm that believes through the power of the spoken word coupled with the accountability to take action, one’s dream can become reality. Having overcome a childhood stutter, Butts has spent his life working to become a national speaker.

With experience as a pastor, Butts is equally comfortable on a podium or a pulpit. His firm uses several unique coaching methods to connect people to their unique purpose in an atmosphere of mutual collaboration. Butts is also a published author, his book “The DGCP Method for Winners” being a #1 Amazon Best Seller.

ENSPIRE had the chance to speak with Derrick about his methods and technique, as well as his inspirations.

If you were to pick one aspect of your approach that makes you stand out from other speakers and motivators, what would it be?

The ability to on the spot create relatable content that connects and challenges the listener. Through the use of illustrations that are relevant to the audience, I passionately pour into the soul of my audience is ignited and fired up.

Could you describe Assist U2 Win’s “3-legged stool” approach?

A 3 legged stool is not complete unless all 3 aspects are in place. Take one away and soon the chair/stool will fall. Our unique approach includes three unique and distinct areas.

  1. Clarity – Until one takes a 360-degree view, it’s hard to move to the next phase. You have to be able to articulate what you want and where you want to end up.
  2. Strategy – Once you’ve defined with clarity the outcome, it is now time to come up with a customized game plan to get there. We do this by reviewing your game film to come up with your winning game plan.
  3. Accountability – The secret sauce to consistency is accountability. Once we’ve decided that our next level demands a new version of ourselves, we ensure we get there by pushing you out of your comfort zone and blocking the seat to satisfied. Since there’s nowhere to go but toward your purpose, we do everything to get there sooner rather than later.

Can you recall a motivational speech you gave where you felt the audience really connected with the subject matter?

Yes, I had the awesome privilege to speak with Lisa Nichols, and the talk was titled, “Don’t Dis The Mis” I talked about the importance of naming and owning your dirt. If the seed is potential, it needs dirt in order to grow. Our past mistakes become the breeding ground for breakthroughs and development.

Are there any other keynote speakers whose work you admire?

Yes, there are so many that I can’t even begin to name them. Let me attempt to: Vincent Campbell, Myron Golden, Dr. Cheryl Wood, Lisa Nichols, Scott Wilson, and my daughter Sariyah Butts.

Do you have a technique for engaging audience members who are skeptical about motivational speaking?

I do. I call it The Right Way To A.S.K. Using the word ask, I show someone how to ask the right questions to tell the appropriate story, and know when to sit down and say, “I’m done”.

How have you found your past experiences working as a team player on a basketball team influenced your style of motivational speaking?

The energy and focus of being the coach on the floor. I strongly believe that no one wakes up wanting to lose, so with that, I give everyone all I got for the entire time knowing that it only takes one illustration, one sentence, and truthfully just one word to change an entire life. I believe I can Assist U2 Win!

Molded by athletic teamwork and corporate training, Derrick Butts is prepared to coach any organization or individual in setting and reaching their goals. Through challenging conversations, and an optimistic perspective, Assist U2 Win infuses hope, courage, and principles that impact the listener to be and do more than they thought they could ever do. Assist U2 Win is committed to being an industry leader in the space of transformation and leadership development.

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