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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

Kevia Jones has struggled with mental health for years. She has anxiety and experiences which have affected her so greatly. What came through that moment of her life was a lifestyle brand of products to heal. She has controlled her journey by becoming a health and wellness expert. 

The Executive Sweet is her ideal skincare brand of hemp skin and body care products. These products are cruelty-free with vegan ingredients for the ultimate clean lifestyle. Because of her personal experience with mental health issues, creating these products is Kevia’s form of healing. Her purpose is to assist others, and she has dedicated her time to this household brand.

Kevia Jones

What were the first three goals you want your products to achieve for mental health wellness?

My first three goals for the products are actually still the same today. I’ve always wanted to create products that would encourage people to stay the course and see it through, inspire people to embody their body and presence in its entirety, and lastly provide a sense of security by being mindful of what they are consuming.

What kinds of skin care products have you created?

We create vegan, natural, and consciously curated products. They range from handmade body butters, facial products, aromatherapy candles, linen spray, tension relief oil, and exfoliating body scrubs.

Which is your favorite product to use from The Executive Sweet and why?

Kevia Jones Products

That’s always so hard to decide on. I would say that I use each of them daily but my absolute favorite products are; Roll Up, High Frequency Moisturizing Serum, and Don’t Let That Mango body butter. These are my favorite, they play a role in my daily routine that sets the tone for how I’m approaching my day. 

Any advice on the healing journey when it comes to mental health?

Yes, be patient with yourself. Trust your process and explore different routes to get to where you’re going. Make time for just yourself, set healthy boundaries, create new habits, and be a student at all times. 

Other than your amazing brand, what are other sources to keep up with your mental health care?

I love creating habits that allow me to check in with myself such as exercising, spending time in nature, journaling, dancing has become a huge part of my mental wellness routine, spending time with people that love you, new experiences,  reading books and listening

The Executive Sweet via Instagram

Kevia Jones is striving for mental health to be the main self-care. Try her latest clean products to change your lifestyle for your mind, body, and soul. For more skincare hemp products go visit Kevia’s website 

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