Lets Talk About Infertility in the Black Community 


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Tamara Smith is the Fertility Juju Educator, Amassing Over 32k Followers on TikTok, and Providing Readings and Fertility Rituals to Black Women

ENSPIRE Contributor: Alexandra Rivera

According to the CDC, infertility is higher in black women than in white and is steadily increasing. Infertility has multiple causes including, Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes because of Pelvic inflammatory disease, and polycystic Ovary syndrome. Polycystic Ovary syndrome is the most common form of infertility in women and is caused by a hormone imbalance problem. 

Smith started her journey tired of the pains and bloating from taking birth control. She started listening to her Spirit Guides accessing inner wisdom from her ancestors so that her body could get off the synthetic hormones. She could then tap into her fertility juju. Once she figured out she could prevent pregnancy, she figured she had the power to improve the chances of pregnancy as well. 

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When and how did you start your fertility juju journey to help others?

My journey began because I wanted to get off of birth control and track my cycle naturally to prevent pregnancy. I decided to become a certified fertility educator and started helping family and friends do the same with much success!

I have always been magical and started to add a Lil juju to my practices and women were getting pregnant and connecting with their spirit babies. I have always had the gift of seeing spirit babies or having a knowing, but this time… women came to me for readings and workshops to understand blockages, tap into their magic and heal. I work with women who are ready to reclaim their power, calling on our ancient ancestors, our heritage, and our birthright as divine creators.

You perform rituals to help women, do your rituals change depending on who you’re doing them for?

Absolutely! Every one of my juju mamas has different fertility needs, from mental, spiritual, and mental. I work with different energies based on those needs. That’s why it’s important to divine before every ritual or at least have a connection with your spirit guides to assist your clients in a greater capacity spiritually.

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Why do you think no one talks about infertility in minority communities but more importantly the black community?

Black folks have always been categorized as fertile and having many kids/tribes. It all predates back to slavery as well and if you look at our great ancestors…many didn’t have problems conceiving. I think we are also stereotyped as hypersexual beings so why wouldn’t we be fertile as well?

We also deal with the shame of not being able to produce and family pressures. To add to that, many black women in our modern world have disconnected from their bodies. They don’t know how to listen to their intuition or what their body is trying to tell them. They have lost touch with their natural rhythms and connection to spirit, the divine feminine, our ancestors, and the wisdom of our bodies. Fertility Juju is here to help you remember.

What are you doing to raise awareness about infertility in the Black Community?

I have a Facebook group, blogs, courses, and social media posts to educate and bring awareness to the black community about fertility issues that are increasing in our communities.

What would you recommend women do when first starting their fertility juju journey?

Learning how to naturally track your fertility cycle using the Symptothermal method, which is simply taking your basal body temperature using a thermometer and inputting the temp into your fertility app of choice. The app will automatically create a graph based on your temperature among other things. I would also add that you need to trust in your own juju! Why does something such as a manifest ritual if you don’t trust in what you are creating? Trust is one of the most important and powerful tools to manifest.

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Through her gift, she has helped hundreds of women connect with their spirit babies and ancestors. Through her rituals, courses, and readings women will get their bodies ready for pregnancy. She is helping women take back their power and use their juju in their own way. 

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