Universal Music Group Launched Voter Engagement Campaigns


( ENSPIRE News ) UMG Announced a Voter Engagement Initiative for the November 2022 U.S. Elections

ENSPIRE Contributor: Megan Holder

Universal Music Group (UMG) announced a voter engagement initiative for the November 2022 U.S. elections spearheaded by its Universal Music All Together Now Foundation and its Task Force for Meaningful Change. The initiative features new and updated installments of the “Use Your Voice” voter registration and education program, as well as the “Pull Up to the Polls” voter transportation components. “Pull Up to the Polls” was devised, and is operated, by UMG’s Task Force for Meaningful Change.

In making this announcement, Susan Mazo, UMG’s EVP of Corporate Social Responsibility, Events and Special Projects said, “Universal Music Group, through its Task Force for Meaningful Change and the Universal Music All Together Now Foundation, works towards meaningful positive change by partnering with organizations and tapping our passionate network of artists and music lovers to join together for a common cause. We are proud to work with our partners both internally and externally to ensure all eligible voters have the resources they need to cast an informed vote.”

“Voting is an essential component to promote a free and fair democracy that gives every individual the right to address their policy interests and concerns, particularly for marginalized communities disproportionately challenged with the opportunity to vote,” said Dr. Menna Demessie, SVP and Executive Director of the Task Force for Meaningful Change. “It’s vital that we provide solutions for any barrier that prevents someone from voting, particularly transportation, which is also a logistical hurdle for many working-class voters. We’re grateful to our partners for providing rides to the polls to ensure everyone gets to vote.”

A campaign spanning UMG’s U.S. businesses aimed at supporting voters across the country, this year. The “Use Your Voice” campaign built purposeful partnerships and activations with organizations working to prepare voters to cast their ballots. They included Content Series and Voter Information Hub, Student Voter Mobilization Efforts, LGBTQ+ Voter Education, Mental Health and Elections, and Election Protection.

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