Introducing Cashmere Moon, an Indie Beauty+ Body Care


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) CEO Tisha Ayers Creates Vegan and Cruelty-Free Products

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

Tisha Ayers is the CEO of an indie-beauty+body care company called Cashmere Moon. A black-owned business where vegan and cruelty-free products are packaged in glass and paper just for you. Looking for new care line products that nourish your skin? Ayers has taken beauty care to a whole other level.

Cashmere Moon uses strictly natural products for its body care and beauty line. Transparency is their policy, they list all ingredients on their website and product packaging. Their products are concentrated blends that have no fillers and use the minimum amount necessary to achieve maximum results. Cashmere Moon company can be found in JC Penny stores which I find exciting since many beauty and body care companies only have one source to get their products.


ENSPIRE took the time to ask Tisha Ayers about her goals for Cashmere Moon, how the company became a reality, her interests in self-care products, and the products she recommends.

What was your goal when creating Cashmere Moon? 

Our initial goal was to provide a natural moisturizer that actually moisturizes with just one application. With so many watered-down, highly fragranced products on the market, we wanted something that would actually do what it needed to do with ingredients that we understood. Our Whipped Body Creams are just that with a high concentration of shea butter, making the creams ultra-moisturizing for those of us with dry skin. 

Is there a special meaning behind the name of your company? 

Not really. I thought of the feelings I wanted potential customers to have when they thought of our brand and Cashmere came to mind immediately. It’s luxurious and soothing. Next, I found what word belonged best next to Cashmere and settled on moon. I think Cashmere Moon definitely gives off those warm, luxurious vibes.

What are your top three favorite products you recommend and why? 

Top three- let’s see. My number one is the Watermint Clementine Whipped Body Cream. The soft, fresh citrus scent is heavenly. I usually pair it with the Lavender Rose Glow Oil. It helps seal in moisture and offers anti-aging benefits like warding off wrinkles. Number 3 would be the Vitamin C Hand Lotion. We probably wash our hands a million times a day and water is super drying on the skin. Our hands actually age faster than the rest of our bodies partly because of this. Vitamin C helps keeps hands youthful while shea butter keeps them moisturized. You can’t go wrong with those 3 products!        

Any advice on creating a beauty care line such as this? 

Ummm, be diligent and consistent. I’ve received a lot of ‘No’ during this journey. No, I’m not qualified for a loan, no, this store doesn’t want to carry our items, and so on. However, I am diligent and will continue to push on. Sometimes that one ‘yes’ can change the entire trajectory of your brand like Thirteen Lune has with us.

What interested you in pursuing beauty and body care? Have you always had a career in this industry? 

My husband and I were annoyed that we couldn’t find anything in our local stores that actually moisturized my pregnant, stretched, and dry skin. After perfecting our formula and seeing it help family and friends, we turned it into a business. It’s blossomed since then and we continue to be amazed at the number of people that our products help. 

Cashmere Moon is another beauty care line that brings healthy, vegan products to your doorstep. Interested in buying these products? Go follow Cashmere Moon on Instagram. Explore their site by clicking here.

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