International Superstar Big Hookz Road to Success


( ENSPIRE Interview ) Big Hookz is Proof to Being Dedicated to Your Craft Can Also Help Others

Music is a universal language that brings us together. It merges our personal experiences with melodies we can not forget. Big Hookz represents that merge of experiences that created his personal sound. Being born and raised in Cameroon and then relocating to Germany was one step along Hookz’s journey.

Faced with making a name for himself and creating an identity in Germany is where Hookz shows his perseverance and motivation to be an artist. Already on a journey into creativity and the music industry Hookz knew people had to know about him and his music before coming to the US.

Through his music, he learned how to speak about the streets without glorifying them, how to show people his feelings without giving in to them and how to move people’s hearts while stimulating their minds. His emphasis broadened the universal appeal of his music on positiveness without preaching, and if an anthem is needed, he has it ready.

Watch my interview with Big Hookz:

Besides being an artist, Big Hookz is also a manager and Executive Producer, as he has managed series of artists before and currently managing 5 artists that are signed under his label Str8Team Entertainment. For more, find “Big Hookz” on all social platforms.

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