Dionne Ellison Creates Insect Eyewear Brand: Vuliwear


( ENSPIRE Fashion ) R&B Singer Laya Features Eyewear in L’Officiel India’s Cover

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Dionne Ellison is a Philadelphia and Jersey native whose fashion is now in her new brand Vuliwear. She has thought outside the box and has thought of new ideas in the nature-esque category. Vuliwear was showcased on L’Officiel India’s December cover of 2022. R&B singer Laya poses, her face the main event as she wears the Vuliwear VAMP glasses.

Vuliwear is a unique eyewear brand inspired by insects. The amazing colors and patterns resemble insect eyes, at least with some of her products. This is a unisex brand made of high-quality polarized nylon lenses that reduces glare and gives better color, clarity, and detail. Everyday beauty is instilled into the fashion of her sunglasses, Vuliwear challenges the norm and focuses on the lenses. Dionne Ellison talks about her creative style choices and her career in the fashion world.


What about insects intrigued you to create sunglasses inspired by them?  

Insects have compound eyes made up of thousands of hexagon-shaped mini-eyes that form unique patterns in vibrant colors and that’s what caught my attention. Through macro-photography this hidden beauty unseen by the naked eye was exposed and I immediately wanted to show the world.  Sunglasses are the first thing that came to mind. I was able to see beyond the creepy crawly factor and focus on the lens, which is the first thing you see when someone is wearing sunglasses. It made perfect sense to me. Vuliwear is all about the LENS!

When did the idea of Vuliwear come to fruition?

 I discovered insect photos and started researching the eyewear industry in 2015. The first prototype was completed in 2016 and we launched on June 27, 2017, which is also National Sunglasses Day.

Is Vuliwear the only fashion brand you’ve created?

 Actually, it’s not. I created a T-shirt brand years ago that I may revisit at some point with Vuliwear. 


The Vuliwear style seems connected to insects and nature, will there be other fashion brand ideas you are looking forward to creating? 

Our goal is to expand into other fashion accessories and clothing for men and women. Insects and nature were the initial inspiration however I believe fashion is a “feeling” and when you look good you feel good. Inspiration can come from any and everywhere. 

Tell us about your career path, how did you immerse yourself in the fashion world? 

I was born into a family of fashionistas. My mother was a seamstress who could sew without a pattern and make a complete outfit in an hour. My older sister is an artist and designs eveningwear. Growing up we would host fashion shows, my sister designed the clothes, my mother made them and I modeled them. I always wanted to be a runway model but it wasn’t in the cards for me, so I channeled my talents into being an entrepreneur. Having my own fashion brand or something fashion related was inevitable.

Vuliwear is the next step to connecting nature to our fashion. Dionne has brought a unique style to the eyewear industry. To view more of her Vuliwear products go to her site. If you are curious about what new fashion she will be showcasing, you can go on her Instagram.

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