Josephine Relli Begins New Chapter with Single “Tell You”


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

Josephine Relli is a music artist coming back with a new single called “Tell You”. You may know her from her iconic red carpet look at the 2020 Grammy Awards. Her goal for this new single is to reconnect with why she began writing and creating music.

Relli has been featured in Vogue and Cosmo. The music artist writes and produces her own music. She avoids genre terms and views her music that can be considered hip-hop, R&B, alternative, and pop. She started creating this single amidst the pandemic in 2020. Her creative block delayed the creative piece. Her new song marks a new chapter in her music. Her goal was to focus on reconnecting to the reason she fell in love with music.

Josephine Relli

She started off with her 2016 debut album “Miscellaneous” and now 2020 is starting off with something fresh. We have the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Relli about her new song and writing journey. 

What is your muse when writing creatively?

Mainly, experience. I try to pull from my own emotions and current life events when writing.

Is there a routine you have when creating music?

Not really. It tends to change from song to song, and there isn’t a specific method I stay true to. I let the process guide itself. 

How has the pandemic impacted your music writing, and what made you break out of it?

It has, for sure. A lot of my inspiration and motivation dropped due to the pandemic, and I’ve been slowly trying to get out of that slump it created. It’s taking me a bit of time, but I think that’s also because taking a break let me reevaluate how I want my music to look and sound. I’ve been working to find a new version of myself as an artist.

What is the overall message you are conveying in “Tell You”?

When I wrote it, I was working through feelings I had for someone that I wasn’t sure I wanted to inform about it, so the song goes through that back-and-forth indecisiveness I was having. As time has passed and those feelings I had are no longer there, the song has shifted for me. It’s become a bit of a personal conversation about things that can be hard to admit to yourself, but those are just my personal interpretations. 

What artists are you inspired by, and how has that shaped your music sound?

I’m very heavily inspired by older artists from the 50s and 60s. I’ve just always loved that sound. I also am very inspired by Sam Smith and their music. I’m honestly not sure how that’s shaped my own music, if it has, but I do know that if I could write a song as good as Sam’s that I could die happy. 

Josephine Relli

Your ability to flow through hip hop R&B and pop/ alternative is obvious. Do you see beyond genre or believe your music is perfect for all these or do you just enjoy all genres and your music embodies that?

I personally listen to many different genres of music, so that could have an influence, but I also tend not to think about genre while I’m writing. Most of the time, the genre appears on its own, or I just let others define it how they hear it. 

“Tell You” is a new chapter in your life. As an artist, what would you say has changed now than with your first album “Miscellaneous”?

So much. My first album was an amazing experience, but I was also only 13/14, so a lot of what I was writing didn’t have a lot of depth to it. It was more of a learning process and a starting point to have fun making music. A lot of those old songs have great memories, but they don’t hold a lot of meaning for me. My newer stuff and the songs I write now have a lot more emotion behind them. They mean a lot more, and I’m more personally tied to them. 

What was your special reason for making and writing music?

It’s hard to put into words, honestly. I find that there’s just this strong feeling of satisfaction when I finish a song. It’s like going on a journey each time, and you discover new things along the way. There’s something about it that just feels right as well. I also think it serves as an emotional outlet. 

Her song “Tell You” will be released in 2023. For more updates on Josephine Relli follow her on Instagram and check out her songs on Spotify.

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