Dear John The Box Subscription Supports Singles on Valentine’s Day


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Dear John The Box is a subscription box of self-love and wellness products. Breakups of any kind can be rough on the psyche and body. A person you care for is not in your life anymore. This breakup had to happen for whatever reason, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bounce back. This subscription box is catered toward women who are in need of some relaxation and laughter. This is the ideal place to find comfort if you know someone going through a divorce, separation, or breakup.

Rene Mondy is the Founder of Dear John The Box. She is a licensed therapist who went through a divorce. This Black-owned subscription box first started off as a support group ten years ago. Women would meet up in various locations in Atlanta to give each other support. Rene discusses Dear John The Box and what is currently in the works for this subscription and site.

Rene Mondy: Founder of Dear John The Box Subscription

What were Your three priorities when creating this subscription box?

Like the pandemic, breakups can remind us of times of sadness and crisis. The subscription boxes bring women one step closer to the next chapter they seek, with the following priorities in mind. 

  1. Celebrate small choices. Making independent decisions can feel overwhelming or exhausting after a breakup. The subscription boxes are packed with engaging journals and activities that remind women who are starting over of their ability to be brave and make good choices. 
  2. Love is greater than fear. The subscription boxes come filled with quotes, affirmations, and mantras that help women shift from seeing things under the negative shadows of a past relationship. 
  3. They are not alone. The subscription box purchases come with opportunities to gain support from other women who have purchased a box via access to private Facebook groups and live virtual events. 

What three adjectives describe Dear John The Box?

Fun, Escape, Connection 

The subscription boxes include recipes, drinks, and journals that can be shared. Dear John The Box is also an online store that offers handpicked post-breakup products for women. As of now, February has exclusive products for women after a breakup, divorce, or separation. Even if you are not in a relationship because you aren’t searching, single friends need Valentine’s Day love too. This box subscription contains a signature cocktail glass and shaker (1), Tasty Cocktail Mixes (5), Placemat with Engaging Recipes (1), Signature Ex-Related Coffee Mug, and an Assortment of Gourmet Chocolate (1), the value at $70 but only $45.

 What are the most popular products people buy on Dear John The Box?

Therapy aids such as journals and mocktail recipe kits are the most popular. 

Will there be other future subscription boxes for various heartbreaking occasions?

Yes. Boxes are slated to release every season.

Dear John The Box Subscription

The pandemic caused limited in-person groups in Atlanta, but it did beg the question of how Dear John The Box can send love via mail. Now it has become a reality. There is a registry customers can fill out for any occasion. The registry of Dear John The Box offers women a positive space and moment to relax. Women can purchase items directly from the site, you can also create a wish list to share with supporters and friends. 

Are the Dear John support groups up and running in Atlanta?

Rene is currently not running divorce group therapy.  Her love for helping women support each other has taken an exciting turn. Dear John hosts live virtual cook-along events throughout the year, led by professional chefs, that allow box subscribers to engage while making tasty meals from scratch. 

If you are recently single or going through a breakup/separation/divorce, Dear John The Box is a perfect site to make someone’s day better. Visit Dear John The Box to purchase your subscription box for a friend, loved one, or yourself. You can also register and create a wish list for others to view!

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