Beautician Argentina Harris Creates Solution for Hair Loss


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Beautician Argentina Harris Is Dedicated To Helping Women Feel Confident About Their Hair

ENSPIRE Contributor: Naomi Stamps

When it comes to hair loss and confidence, cosmetologist and entrepreneur Argentina Harris understands a woman’s desire to look and feel good. She’s the creator of the 60 Second Clip N Go Hair Topper, a custom-made hairpiece for clients suffering from hair loss. The 60 Second Clip N Go Hair Topper is unique because it can be installed from the comfort of your home, blends naturally with the client’s hair, and eliminates the hassle of dealing with full wigs or the tiresome installation process. Having faced hair thinning issues, Argentina Harris saw her clients’ need for wigs that offered a more natural appearance. 

When her clients brought wigs for her to restyle, she noticed that many were of low quality and wouldn’t offer the results they were looking for. Argentina Harris understood her clients wanted to style their hair without thinning areas being exposed or making appointments for unit installs (which some women feel uncomfortable with). With over 20 years of experience, this beautician is dedicated to listening to the needs of her clients to offer the best solutions. 

Courtesy of Shakeema Bouyer.

Argentina Harris styled her own hair at nine years old and offered services to her high school classmates in her parent’s kitchen. Attending Dudley School as a client and interacting with door-to-door sales representatives are two factors that ignited Argentina Harris’ interest in the beauty industry. After graduating high school, she enlisted in the US Army and attended cosmetology school at night. When her enlistment was done, she completed her cosmetology program at Dudley Beauty School in 1994. 

What first began as a side hustle helped Argentina Harris to discover her true purpose in life. In 2014, she entered Styles On Top Beauty as a full-time beautician and made wigs and units for her clients. Besides doing hair, she volunteered at places such as the American Cancer Society and Look Good Feel Better to conduct workshops focusing on the benefits of wearing units, building confidence, and hair loss. Her experiences and interactions with her clients led Argentina Harris to create the 60-second Clip N Go Hair Topper. 

Courtesy of Shakeema Bouyer.

Besides her invention of the 60-second Clip N Go Hair Topper, Argentina Harris is currently working on a hair product line to help clients treat their hair loss issues rather than relying solely on hairpieces. While some hairstylists are only interested in completing tasks to move to the next client, Argentina wants to ensure her clients’ needs are met. It’s good to see entrepreneurs that don’t allow money to be the driving factor for helping others. It’s clear that Argentina Harris loves what she does and will continue to excel. 

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