Dr. Bobbi Strikes Deal with Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank for The Big Mouth Toothbrush


( ENSPIRE Business ) Brooklyn Dentist Lands Deal for Innovative New Electric Toothbrush

ENSPIRE Contributor: Daniel Garritson

Dr. Bobbi, a renowned dentist, and inventor wowed the Sharks on the March 6th episode of Shark Tank with her innovative toothbrush design, Big Mouth Toothbrush. Despite initial reluctance from the Sharks, Dr. Bobbi persevered and ultimately struck a deal with Barbara Corcoran.

The Big Mouth Toothbrush is a revolutionary toothbrush designed to clean, polish, and white, as well as be sensitive and maintain gum care. Its unique bristle pattern and shape allow for maximum cleaning efficiency and effectiveness, making it a must-have for anyone serious about oral hygiene.

The brush head of the Big Mouth Toothbrush covers twice the mouth surface area of the average toothbrush. It has a long-lasting battery and five different settings depending on the type of oral care the customer wants. A subscription service is also available, where customers are sent brush head replacements quarterly, and additional brush refills are offered at a discount. 

On the show, Dr. Bobbi faced tough questioning and criticism from the Sharks, who initially hesitated to invest in her product. However, Dr. Bobbi’s passion and expertise shone through, and she ultimately won over Barbara Corcoran, who offered a deal at the last second when it appeared she would not get a deal that would take the Big Mouth Toothbrush to the next level.

Dr. Bobbi is the owner of Aces Braces in Brooklyn, New York. She is an HBCU-educated Howard University alum and the daughter of a nurse educator and dentist. She prides her company on the belief that “better” should be attainable for everyone, by making it possible for everyone to have access to better smiles and better oral health overall. Dr. Bobbi has been previously featured on, but not limited to: Good Morning America, Forbes, Fox News, and News12BK.

Dr. Bobbi hosted a thrilling private watch party in New York City on Friday, March 3rd, surrounded by loved ones, eliciting lively reactions throughout the live screening. The Big Mouth Toothbrush is already available for purchase online at bigmouthtoothbrush.com.

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