Crystal Foote Changing the Tech Space


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Crystal Foote Launched Digital Culture Group and ThePartyStarter During Black History Month

ENSPIRE Contributor: Paulina

Crystal Foote is an Atlanta Georgia-based advertising technology professional, who has recently launched two new ventures: Digital Culture Group and ThePartyStarter. Both tech companies are set to transform their respective industries and promise to deliver exceptional results for clients in advertising and event planning. She is an award-winner in her field and has worked with a wide range of clients. From working with Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, and has a proven track record of driving results and delivering exceptional value. 

Crystal is an entrepreneurial marketing professional who has 20 years of experience in the advertising industry. Digital Culture Group is an advertising technology company that focuses on helping advertising agencies and advertisers reach diverse audiences. This is done through a thorough and authentic process that forges long-lasting relationships between the client and the advertiser. This is accomplished through four steps: Advanced Audiences, Custom Creative Production, Omnichannel Solutions, and Measurement and Analytics. 

ThePartyStarter Logo

According to the company’s website, ”our Audience Data allows advertisers to reach their specific audiences deterministically by utilizing offline & online data sources besides interest-based and psychographic segments.”

Foote has also developed a groundbreaking event planning service, “ThePartyStarter”. This service provides an online events marketplace that connects customers with diverse event vendors and minority-owned businesses, with 225 registered vendors. Upon visiting the website users fill out their basic event details and the service recommends vendors in their area. Users can then create a checklist of additional services they may need for their event. The website allows users to add multiple categories to their events. Finally, users can review the Vendor’s details and select the best vendor for them.

The service is truly made unique through its curated event vendors and talent, custom event packages, and compare prices and book services in one convenient dashboard. This helps vendors and people looking to throw an event. Whether it’s a baby shower, corporate event, or birthday party, ThePartyStarter can help make it a huge success.

Digital Culture Group Logo makes it easy for customers to find local and virtual vendors who share their vision and values, and that will help them create truly unique and memorable experiences for their guests.” Said Foote.

The companies have created access to innovative marketing solutions and reach underrepresented communities in ways that matter. Foote says, “We believe that by understanding the different cultures in which people live and advertising to them in a way that is culturally relevant, we can help create a more inclusive and equitable world.”

What makes Crystal Foote’s success even more inspirational is her mission for her companies. “We are committed to bringing innovation, authenticity, and diversity to these industries, setting a new standard for what these industries can be.” Said Foote. With Digital Culture Group and ThePartyStarter, Foote is delivering exceptional results for clients while making the process more accessible and inclusive. Her success as a Black woman in the tech industry speaks volumes about what they can do in the field.

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