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( ENSPIRE HEALTH & WELLNESS ) OneAccord Health and ADVault Inc. Expand Groundbreaking Digital Service to Empower End-of-Life Decisions

OneAccord Health, through its partnership with ADVault Inc., is expanding its focus to include more direct-to-consumer engagement aimed at empowering healthcare professionals, stakeholders, and the community to engage in discussions about patients’ values, goals, and preferences during advanced care planning. Their digital service also provides personalized discussions with healthcare professionals to ensure that their end-of-life preferences are documented and communicated so that individuals and their loved ones make informed decisions during the most sensitive moments.

OneAccord has a mission to provide knowledge in treatment to all parties involved for the sake of a unified plan of action. It is always wise to have an advanced care plan, regardless of if an individual is currently experiencing a major illness. Whether you’re seriously ill or only planning for the future, OneAccord wants to educate the community on the importance of palliative care and advanced care planning.

Our editor interviewed James Farnum, the president of OneAccord Health, and Dr. Lolita Melhado, the vice president. Watch the interview below. 

As discussed, palliative care focuses on managing symptoms and planning care in advance, rather than trying to treat an illness that has gone unchecked for some time. Dr. Melhado also discussed the importance of engaging with the family of those suffering from major illnesses, especially in Black communities where the definition of family often extends beyond blood relations. 

OneAccord also addresses the psychological needs of those close to the patient who may be worried about their loved ones. Possibly the most innovative mission of OneAccord is the separation of palliative care from hospice. Historically, a fundamental misunderstanding of what palliative care is has restricted it so that it was only provided to those near the end of their lives. However, with advancements in medicine and technology, it is now more feasible to provide palliative care to any patient suffering from a serious illness, even if they are not close to the end of their life. 

Dr. Lolita Melhado

One Accord Health’s new digital service is also available to healthcare professionals and stakeholders. This organization exists to ensure healthcare professionals and stakeholders engage in discussions about identifying and articulating patients’ values, goals, and preferences when it matters most. Sensitive and thoughtful discussions early in the disease process can empower and guide patients and their loved ones during end-of-life, in-the-moment decision-making.

AD Vault Inc. is the nation’s leader in digital advance care planning (ACP) and technology to easily create, upload, and store documents safely and securely. They are committed to ensuring everyone has an advance care planning document that is easily accessible when it matters most. For more information, please visit

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