Patrick Cupid Launches New 2023 Collection


( ENSPIRE Fashion ) Patrick Cupid Launches “Letting Go”, His New 2023 Fall – Winter Collection

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Patrick Cupid, an emerging self-made contemporary fashion designer, unveiled his ninth collection for the Fall – Winter 2023 collection. Cupid announced his new collection “Letting Go” on February 27th, 2023. He is New York-based and attended F.I.T. and Parsons’s prestigious schools in New York and the Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Cupid has been working between the States and Europe over the last ten years and debuted this new collection in Paris on March 5th, 2023.

“True style is innate and not fabricated. It is a defining characteristic that speaks in a quiet voice not related to trends but to the individual,” says Fashion Designer Patrick Cupid. The collection is inspired by the wildness of New York’s nightlife, which is displayed through the colors he uses, specifically Midnight Blue. Cupid also uses colors like Dalila, Electrified Orange, and Cream to present an elegant wave of colors in his designs. The combination of these bold colors and floral prints provides a unique aesthetic for the fall and winter. Each design is hand-crafted, creating a chic look. “Letting Go” celebrates self-release from social conformity and embraces the simple joys of life through its aesthetic.

Knit Tank Dress

ENSPIRE spoke with Patrick Cupid about understanding his passion for design and fashion.

What inspired the philosophy surrounding this collection?

“Letting GO” is a celebration of the free spirit. That place we reach when we embrace who we are and shed the false identity dictated to us. Letting Go compares taking those first steps as your fully realized self to dancing. Where everything in you is alive, your direction is everywhere and anywhere. 

You know that place you reach when you dance and become one with the music or fully immersed in your element; nothing else matters. You’re alive inside out, unbound by any rules, floating unafraid! So too, do the clothes flow and sway with the rhythm of the wearer! 

How is this collection different from the ones you’ve launched in the past?

The silhouettes have a bit of the 1980s because it was a period of power dressing and bold expressions of self. I remember the movie Teen Witch and the teal dress she wore at the end when she finally let go and was herself. She accepts that being herself is all the magic she needs.

Short, ruffled, and long flowing dresses that move gracefully juxtaposed by seductive bias-cut contours in sultry silks. Textured wool balances the collection while adding a chic, understated appeal to the complete look with a sense of nostalgia. Dahlia red is the collection’s focus color, with hints of jade, Moroccan orange, and dahlia purple anchored by deep inky midnight in a symphony of hues. My abstract floral takes center stage, flanked by molten marble-like prints.    

What three words would you use to describe this collection?

Comfortable, Self-aware, Bold

Where does your love of fashion and design come from?

Design is part of who I am and extends far beyond fashion. I have dreamed up concepts for apps, furniture, buildings, etc. Fashion is where it begins for me, but it isn’t the end of all. Creating is just thinking to me. The way some think mathematically, I ponder Art and design. I used to think it was about a love for fashion or Art, but now I realize it is my nature. I love the work and the process because I express myself through it. 

Where or who do you look to for inspiration?

Art from a myriad of creators in different mediums. The works of Pedro Maccise inspired “All in Jest,” and painter sculptor Alexander Lee put the idea for spots in my head that led to the prints for Spring Summer 2023. In addition, nature, anthropology, and history significantly influence my design. 

By letting go, I turned within and remembered friends and the people in my life who I admire. The ones with that free spirit and a strong sense of self. Each contributed a piece of the collection. Lorraine gave me Dahlias for color, Dmitri brought the flowers, and Leah and Marguerite inspired new silhouettes. 

I love connecting periods and blending cultures, and when those don’t ignite a spark, I turn to my imagination and create a narrative. Global events and politics are great conversation starters from which inspiration can scintillate into a continuous dialog from one collection to the next. 

What do you hope to come out with next?


Print V-Neck & Tailored Denim Wide Led Pant

What makes Patrick Cupid’s new collection truly inspirational is the message behind it. The brand itself is about independence and the evolving of culture shown through clothes. This is precisely how Cupid started his brand. His first-ever collection “All in Jest,” released in the Fall of 2019 revolved around independent style without social restrictions. His new collections philosophy is about exploring self, accomplished through shedding concepts that aren’t representative of self. 

Get your hands on the new collection by ordering on or in stores. The following high-end boutique stores will carry his luxury designs: CityGirl Atelier (San Francisco, CA), Felt (Chicago, IL), EJ On Thames (Newport, Rhode Island), Sandy Glam Boutique (Rhode Island), De-Essentia (Charlotte, N. C.), Shop Boutique (South Carolina), Affaire Estrangers (Paris, France), Wolf And Badger (London, Britain).

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