Keeyen Martin Released His Debut EP “Neutral” to Express Authenticity to Listeners


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Soul and R&B singer Keeyen Martin has released his debut EP “Neutral” which is about being your authentic self. North Carolina native began his music aspirations in 2014 when he received the Michael Jackson Scholarship to attend Morehouse College. He is familiar with the music industry lifestyle since he has been performing and traveling with talented artists since he was three years old. Now Keeyen has graced the stage with iconic accomplished acts such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Michelle Williams, Peabo Bryson, KeKe, Wyatt, Teyana Taylor, Lalah Hathaway, and BeBe& CeCe Winans.

Keeyen Martin has performed at Billboard Atlanta, Tune CoreJam Core, Coca-Cola Festival, MTV, Grammys, Redbull, Sofar Sounds, Trumpet Awards, VH1 Save The Music, BET Music Matters, and the Emoji Art Tour. After he finished the Donda Tour with Kanye West, he released a new song called “You Should Know” along with visuals. This is one of the songs among many in his Ep “Neutral” which dropped on April 14th. He has been featured in Sheen Magazine and Respect Magazine and was one of the Spotify Trending Artists. ENSPIRE has been given the opportunity to speak with Keeyen about growing up in a music-based industry, his music idols and aspirations, his performances, the highs and lows as a music artist, and the message behind his new EP “Neutral”.


At the age of three you were already familiar with traveling with musical talent, explain your experience and how it has shaped your life.

I just remember being a sponge soaking up every ounce of music I heard and performances I saw. I then tried to imitate all the great examples and it helped me find my niche and sound. 

Who were your music idols growing up and how have they influenced your music tastes?

Stevie Wonder, Missy Elliot, The Clark Sisters, Ryan Leslie. They all have a creative genius that is unmatched. I learned how to develop all types of song ideas and approaches to my singing and music by way of them. 

You have performed with many artists and acts on different tours and stages, is there anything that you’ve learned from them to strengthen your music brand?

I’ve ultimately learned to be and remain authentic. The heart reaches the heart and people can talk if it’s genuine or not. 

What about R&B and Soul led you to choose it as the ideal genre for your voice and music career?

The songs, melodie’s, variety of approaches made me fall in love with R&B/Soul. I definitely knew as a kid it’s what I wanted to sing!

Were there any hardships while growing your career as an artist, any highs and lows that you overcame that have made you stronger?

Absolutely! I think the fear of the unknown and simply believing in myself were my biggest hurdles. Throughout my journey, though I continue to remind myself I’m

Purposed to do music. Everyday isn’t easy but I’m always reminded to keep going!


Tell us what it was like following your music passions in Atlanta, what opportunities came to you during that time?

Its been a pretty awesome journey so far. Ive experienced performing with Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, Teyana Taylor and so many more people. Remaining consistent has truly served me well.

What advice would you give any future artists trying to follow their musical dreams?

Simply remain consistent and strive daily to be the best version of yourself.

What inspired you to create “Neutral” and what message are you sending to your fans?

Neutral culminates in my life experiences. With a brilliant combination of live instrumentation, Catchy Melodys, and RNB Soulful Vocals, this EP was conceived. Neutral is a synonym for relaxing or yielding to the person you simply were meant to be. I told my story through each song after having many life experiences from Childhood, College years, and now as a young man. It’s Perfectly ok to just be who you are. The world awaits our authenticity. Being Neutral, being true to yourself, and using your gifts and talents will lead you to living your wildest dreams. 

“Neutral” means a synonym for ‘relaxing or yielding into the person you are meant to be’. Keeyen states, “It’s perfectly okay to be who you are, the world awaits our authenticity, and being yourself will lead you to living your wildest dreams.” Recently after his Donda tour with Kanye West, he went on an international tour across Europe after the song’s release. He has dropped two new visuals and more content for his Tik Tok.

It’s safe to say that Keeyen living his wildest dreams with his astounding music career. Follow Keeyen on Instagram or view his Tik Tok for new music announcements and tour information. You can listen to the entire “Neutral” EP on Spotify. To view the music video for “You Should Know” click down below.

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