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Shante James is an entrepreneur and a mother of three. These two forces have led to the creation that was once a hobby now a business: KJ3 Essentials. During the pandemic, she decided to experiment with all-natural ingredients to create a product for her family who has sensitive skin. From their kitchen, now their deodorant and lip balms are being manufactured in U.S. labs. KJ3 Essentials is kid friendly 100% natural and chemical free.

KJ3 Essentials is a Black-owned body care brand for children and can also be used for adults. The products are safe, all-natural, and help those with sensitive skin. Shante James is the founder, and it went from a family hobby to a business. From experimenting in the kitchen, she has made great products that are environmentally conscious but good for all children. Skin is our body’s largest organ, and it needs to be taken care of. ENSPIRE interviewed Shante James to discuss how this hobby became a business, her interest in body care, the importance of body care products and the all-natural ingredients, and how it has affected her life.

KJ3 Essentials: KidLife Arms Up Natural Deodorant for Kids

How did this experimental pursuit become a hobby?

Our kids love science, making slime, helping in the kitchen, and safely mixing and creating things. When I noticed my daughter needed deodorant, my first thought was to go to the pantry and find some baking soda and other things to make our first batch of deodorant. With the leftover bees wax we made lip bombs and lotion bars. We later started making bath bombs and bar soaps. It was fun and our kids were overjoyed about their creations. 

When did your interest in body care come to fruition?

My interest in body care came to fruition years before we started our company because I have eczema and was diagnosed with Dermatitis and other skin irritations. My father had the same issues, and I was always researching solutions. When I was younger, my mother always used aloe and other natural things around the house to help calm my itchy skin and rashes. As I grew older, I noticed I couldn’t use many soaps and lotions in stores. I would suffer from itchy skin and rashes after using many of the common soaps. My doctors suggested some soaps that worked and suggested that I stray away from scented soaps.  

After having children, they suffered from the same thing. I spent tons of money looking for products that didn’t irritate their skin. In 2020, we closed the doors of our family-owned beauty supply store because of the effects of covid. While having the store, I became inspired by all the founders of the healthy natural hair brands. I talked about it so much, my husband suggested I start a haircare brand. I figured I could sell my skincare if I could sell haircare.

Explain to us the importance of safe body care products.

Finding safe body care products is very difficult because something new is always being brought to light often and all skin types are different. We used many harmful body care products in the past because they were convenient, and the only thing on the shelves that we could use and we didn’t know the unknown. Now that times have changed, we must pay attention to our bodies and take care of ourselves. It is important to become more ingredient conscious of the products we use.

From one of my IG posts:

Did you know that The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that atopic dermatitis (also known as eczema) develops more often among Black individuals and that Black children have a higher chance of developing it? Many retail stores lack a variety of bath products that treat all skin types and all skin conditions. Our family struggled to find bath products that treated our skin and believe us when we say that we tried them all. So, we set out to change the game and created a bath product that helps our skin and other families living with skin conditions. It was at that moment that Kidlife was born.

What other body care products do you plan on creating that is all-natural and safe for children?

We are excited about adding more all-natural and safe daily essentials for children to our KIDLIFE brand. We want to be a trusted well know household brand name. We are working on introducing cleansing wipes for active kids.  You know on Saturday morning the kids have sports and sometimes you just want to continue to stay out and have a great family day! We want to provide “KID wipes, ” so that the kids can just clean up and go about the day, instead of needing to go back home and shower. We are also working on launching a kid’s sunscreen. Sunscreen hasn’t been used in the black community as much as it should and we are hoping to assist with the change. Everyone including those with darker skin should wear sunscreen. Although our KIDLIFE can be used for everyone in the household, we are looking to launch a skincare collection for adults as well.

Left to Right: KidLife Natural Bath Time 3 in 1, KidLife Dry No More Moisturizer

What are the most common natural ingredients you use for your KJ3 Deodorant and what are their benefits?

Growing up, my mom used an aloe plant as a first aid tool for every cut, burn, bite, or skin irritation I brought to her attention. It’s why I use aloe gel in my house today to help relieve my kids from itchy skin or eczema flare-ups. Most of the items we produce are filled with the soothing and beneficial ingredients of aloe. Not only does aloe aid in alleviating itchy and irritated skin, but it also treats sunburn and wounds. It nourishes the skin with various minerals, vitamins, proteins, and enzymes. Aloe also blocks UV rays and is a low allergen.

We can find aloe in all our products and will continue to be a hero for us.

We also use:

Shea butter- it soothes the skin, protects it from such as UV rays or wind, and is also rich in antioxidants.

Jojoba oil- it is a premium oil that is a nongreasy moisturizer and provides a layer of environmental protection. It works well with all skin types.

Coconut oil- is commonly known for treating dry skin, eczema, xerosis, and other skin conditions. It penetrates through the skin very well and lives long-lasting moisture. 

It also helps reduce inflammation, promotes wound healing, and has some antibacterial properties.

It may also help reduce inflammation, promote wound healing, and have antibacterial properties. 

We are also looking to add more hypoallergenic products to our brand that are nut free as we are learning that more kids have nut allergies.  

How has the creation of KJ3 Essentials affected your life as an entrepreneur and mother?

I’m a mother, entrepreneur, and wife. I’ve had my fair share of struggles as an entrepreneur. I’ve had to balance my schedule with that of my family while trying to find time to develop a business. I’ve also had to make sure that both my children understand what it means to be an entrepreneur as well!

It’s been tough, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. My kids are now excited about our brand and they now know that they can have careers and be an entrepreneur as well. Our family-owned business adds to our legacy as we are breaking generational curses and building generational wealth.

KJ3 Essentials keeps me busy, as I wear the many hats I wear at home. As I’m learning help is needed, I look forward to adding building a team for our company and even adding our children as employees.

Although entrepreneurship adds a balance to work-life balance, it is not without its challenges. Currently, my husband and I do it all and it is tough to manage, our home, kids, work, and business tasks all at once!

Interested in buying body care products for your child? Go visit Kidlife by Kj3 Essentials-All Natural Skincare & Vitamins for Kids or go on Amazon, Walmart, or other e-commerce sites. For more information on future products go to their Instagram

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