Top Furnishing Tips for Rental Houses


( ENSPIRE Business ) Use These Tips to Help Keep Your Rental Property Looking Great and Well-Maintained

Buying a house to rent to others is a popular way of investing and getting a regular income. However, the work also includes decorating and maintaining the property and making it an attractive place to rent. Here’s how to furnish your rental house, so it looks good and is easy to maintain.

Keep it Light and Bright

When you start decorating your house, keeping it light and clean will make the place look more spacious and inviting, enabling the tenants to place their items in the rooms without them looking out of place. Shades like white and cream paintwork are ideal for this job and are easy to touch up when you have maintenance jobs to do. With furnishings, keep the designs classic and plain, so they are easy to replace and don’t look dated or too vibrant. A medium-firm mattress suits most people’s requirements.

Check the Furniture Dimensions

If you have a small house for rent or want to make the rooms look larger, consider the dimensions of your furniture. Oversized furnishings, especially mattress dimensions or a huge cupboard, will make your rooms look cramped and unappealing. For example, getting the bed frame dimensions in proportion is vital. Too much, and the room will look like a closet. The correct bed frame dimensions make a big difference when you are planning to rent a room, especially when several people will be living under one roof as the bedroom serves as their personal space. Mattress dimensions need to be in proportion to the bed.

Include a Workspace

If you are setting out the layout of your rooms in a rental, ensure you include space for a desk or workspace. With increased hybrid working, work from home, and student accommodation, a small desk space in proportion to the room is appealing to potential tenants. It is also helpful for families when children have homework.

Use Heavy Duty Carpets

When furnishing a rental property, carefully consider the flooring and material. For example, you will need a hardwearing carpet that is comfortable to sit on. Non-slip flooring in kitchens and bathrooms is another practical solution. In a busy rented house, there will be some wear and tear on furnishings, so buy something that is resilient and will stand up to children, spills, and possibly pets.

Install Smoke Alarms

Fires can occur in homes quickly. A smoke detector will alert people to danger. When you are furnishing a rental, install smoke alarms. They also deter people from smoking, and as smoke affects the condition of your furnishings, it helps you keep your house in good shape for longer.

Upgrade Your Kitchen and Bathroom

A well-designed kitchen and bathroom make a positive difference to a house, especially one you are trying to rent. Update kitchen units and include appliances so people can move in immediately and feel at home. A bathroom with a good shower and clean furnishings is also attractive when people choose somewhere to live. On the other hand, if your rental house looks modern and well maintained, it may attract higher rent.

Using hard wearing but attractive decor is vital when furnishing your rental house. Keep the color scheme light and bright, so your rooms look spacious. Replace worn bedding with a medium-firm mattress. Finally, keep the furnishings in proportion to the room space, so your accommodation looks spacious and attractive, especially the bed frame dimensions in small spaces. You will have no problem renting out your house with a beautiful place to live.

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