ALLBLK Greenlights A La Carte Season 2


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) ALLBLK Greenlights Popular Dating Dramedy, À LA CARTE  for a Second Season

ENSPIRE Contributor: Wesley Tran

On April 26, 2023, popular AMC Networks streamer ALLBLK announced a second season of the popular millennial dating dramedy, À La Carte. Executive Producer and Showrunner Dijon Talton joins Executive Producer Meagan Good to deliver the scripted series centered on the Black millennial dating experience. Publicist Breanna Hogan created à La Carte. Series leads Kendall Kyndall and Jenna Nolen welcomes newcomers Shani Marq, India Love, and Alex Jacke. Juan Gil and Xavier Avila return as series regulars along with the actors of recurring characters, Romeo Miller, Tami RomanAspen Kennedy, Terayle Hill, and Leon Fisher. Tammy Rivera will join to spice up the season in an episode.

Season two of À La Carte will explore who Misha, Reign, and Shyra are as friends to each other without the friend that brought them all together, Mahogany. Her absence will serve as a catalyst for comedy and drama within this new friend dynamic. In our mid-20s, relationships of convenience are fickle, and in L.A. especially, they are not easy to sustain. The mistakes they make will bring them closer in some ways and push them further apart in others. This season, the cast will continue their independent and collective journey of discovering and unraveling who they are through the lens of comedy, love, sex, fire, and trial & error.

Picture of India Love, playing as Evette. credit to Brian P

Along with the return of characters like Misha, Reign, and Shyra, there will also be many new ones in the new season. Read about them below.

Evette, played by India Love, is THAT GIRL and Shyra’s sexy savant! She’s able to help Shyra with many problems this season, starting with providing a roof over her head. Evette opens her home to the friend group and is slowly reminded why you need a tribe of people you can trust in L.A. Brandon, played by Alex Jacke, is the new bar owner of Dahlia’s and is having trouble running it when the crew pops up to drink their sorrows away. What our characters don’t know is that he’s harboring a secret that just may jeopardize the future of the bar. Jamal, played by Romeo Miller, is a three-time Major League Baseball All-Star that has recently been traded to play in L.A. and keeps his girlfriend, Evette, well-kept. 

In case you needed a refresher about the returning characters, Misha, Reign, Shyra, and Nicole will be back along with others to bring you another amazing season. Misha, played by Shani Marq, is a bold and liberal jokester who lives her life out loud in every way. Inside the classroom, she is the perfect 2nd grade teacher but outside of work walls, Misha owns her own voice and puts her sass on display. Reign, played by Kendall Kyndall, is a Calabasas, CA native who serves as the moral compass of the friend group. Cut off from his privileged lifestyle by his father, Reign considers making some questionable decisions for money. Finally, Shyra, played by Jenna Nolen, is an Animation and Digital Arts graduate student and a traditional southern belle with southern views and morals to match.

“I am so excited about season two! ALLBLK has provided us with an incredible, free-spirited, and supportive platform to share and explore stories that are authentic and relatable,” says Executive Producer, Meagan Good. “I’m so grateful to be working with my cousin, Dijon Talton, whose vision for À La Carte has enabled Generation Z to feel seen, heard, and understood all the while being allowed to be imperfect as they navigate their life experiences and grow through them.”

À La Carte is directed and executive produced by Dijon Talton and The Talton Company. Meagan Good serves as an executive producer on the series and Christopher O’Conner serves as Co-Executive Producer for Prodigi Arts Entertainment. Also serving as Co-Executive Producer is Deonte Staats. Melissa A. Young will serve as producer. ALLBLK’s General Manager, Brett Dismuke, and SVP of Development & Production, Nikki Love will serve as executive producers and VP of Development & Production Ashley McFarlin will serve as Co-Executive Producer. 

To find out more about À La Carte, visit ALLBLK’s website!

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