T. Rose Foundation Hosts the 5th Annual Girlepreneur Expo For August 12th


( ENSPIRE Business ) Founder Theresa Randleman Starts Off With Panel Discussing The CROWN Act

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya & Martin Draus

T. Rose Foundation will host its 5th Annual Girlpreneur Expo on August 12th. Located in Detroit, this event will highlight 20 young entrepreneurs with new innovative products and services. Theresa Randleman is the founder of the foundation and wants to allow young entrepreneurs to network with peers and mentors who are striving to be businesswomen in society.

They will start off the event with a panel discussion with Vaneshia P. Cezil, Chief Operating Officer for the Michigan Department of Attorney General, Robyn Lynn McCoy, Immediate Past President of the Black Women’s Lawyers Association of Michigan, and Zenell Brown, Esq., DEI Consultant and Author. They will be discussing the state of Michigan’s passage of the CROWN Act.

T. Rose Foundation, Theresa Randleman (middle)

Here is a little background information on the CROWN Act. State Senator Sarah Anthony sponsored Senate Bill 90 which amends the state of Michigan’s Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination based on traits associated with race, this includes hair. Now 23 states abide by this law and welcome individuals from all walks of life, hair and all.

The CROWN Coalition leads the CROWN Act. Dove, the National Urban League, Color of Change, and the Western Center on Law & Poverty founded it. The goal of this act is to create a respectful, open world for natural hair, from braids, locs, twists, and Bantu knots, we do not discriminate against any hair type. The first inaugural signing of the CROWN legislation was in California in 2019 on July 3rd.

The T. Rose Foundation is a nonprofit organization that plans to build a positive future for the youth. They host several events to support young people including the Young Entrepreneurs Academy each summer. Theresa Randleman has said, “Each year, we provide them with the space, the tools, and the community support to make it happen.”

All of their events like the Girlpreneur Expo share the same noble purpose for the youth they want to help. We interviewed Theresa Randleman to discuss the impact of T. Rose Foundation, her purpose for implementing the CROWN Act panel, how our society can spread the acceptance of all hair types, how we can give more opportunities for young children who want to be entrepreneurs, and what the future holds for T. Rose Foundation.

What positive impact do you believe this event will have on young participants? 

The Expo will help each of them see their potential as an entrepreneur and business owner. Their proceeds will hopefully go back into their business and help build their products.

What is the best part of the Girlpreneur Expo? 

Empowering young girls to become business executives/moguls.

What new things can we expect from the 5th annual Girlpreneur Expo?  

More Vendors and Panel discussions. 

Why did you choose the CROWN Act as your leading panel discussion for the Expo? 

“Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair”. I feel that it is important to share this information with everyone, but especially our girls. Hair discrimination impacts everyone, especially people of color. My Foundation (T. ROSE Foundation) seeks to empower girls, and this is another layer of empowerment for each of them; and all our attendees. Knowledge is Power, so we are going to talk about it.

What are your future strategies to make the CROWN Act legal in every state? 

Keeping the conversation going, sharing information, and hosting more events, discussions, etc. encouraging others to support the Act. I’ve hosted previous screenings and discussions; sharing important cultural information which started in Detroit, Michigan but linked to screenings and discussions across the state, into Ohio; and online sessions that reach youth in seven different states.  All for one topic of discussion… PushOut, The Criminalization of Black Girls in School. Again, knowledge is power; and keeping the conversation going is key.

What do you think we as a society should do to give those bright young minds who are interested in business and being entrepreneurs an earlier opportunity into the field through our education system?

Society should direct them to my Young Entrepreneurs Academy (smile). Those bright young minds are able and ready to succeed, but we as a society have to be proactive and embrace their gifts and talents.  

T. Rose Foundation

Can we expect more events from T. Rose just like this one in the future?

Absolutely! We are expanding and building the Expo every year, and have created a Young Entrepreneur Academy based on our years of note-taking and interviews during and following the Expo.

This event is a momentous and powerful occasion from the T. Rose Foundation to support young entrepreneurs in the making. “The Girlpreneur Expo gives young business owners an opportunity to shine, not only by showcasing their innovative products and services but also by immersing themselves in a wealth of knowledge from experienced entrepreneurs who have walked the path before them,” says Theresa Randleman.

The Girlpreneur Expo is a fantastic event for young people to take part in, providing advice, guidance, and meaningful discussions with peers. It’s useful for those who wish to become entrepreneurs as the information that they would learn is incredibly valuable. The T. Rose Foundation is planning on hosting another event this fall in Ohio, and many more events in the future to come. Visit www.t-rosefoundation.org/girlpreneur to learn more or visit Eventbrite to register.

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