New BET Her Live Premiered with Top Talent Artists


( ENSPIRE Music ) The Series Followed Many Very Talented Hip-Hop Artists Through Their Struggles and Accomplishments

ENSPIRE Contributor: Martin Draus

The media company BET Her has just premiered a new series in celebration of Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary. The series is titled “BET Her Live! Hosted by Yo-Yo” and it followed the stories of many pioneering hip-hop artists through engaging and thrilling interviews. The series features Lil’ Mo, Da Brat, 702, and MC Lyte each in one of four 30-minute episodes. “BET Her Live! Hosted by Yo-Yo” takes the audience into the lives of each of the talented performers and reveals the backstories behind their incredible artistry.

“BET Her Live! Hosted by Yo-Yo” has been taped in Las Vegas and premiered on Friday, August 11, 2023, on BET Her. The series comes with an empowering message as it presents some of the top hip-hop artists of the black community. The series delved into each artist, starting from Lil’ Mo balancing career and family, to Da Brat facing infertility challenges, to 702 surviving tragedy, and ending with MC Lyte’s journey to incredible success. Audiences can also expect some classic hits from each performer included in the series as well.

Lil’Mo is a skilled singer and rapper who is best known for her 2001 debut album “Based on a True Story”. She went through many relationships throughout her life and faced many challenges along the way. Balancing her family and her career has been a constant juggling act throughout Lil’ Mo’s life. She has now had five children to this point, and she loves every single one of them, even if the road there was rough.

Da Brat was an early American rapper who started her career in 1992 and had her first debut album in 1994 titled “Funkdafied” which sold over one million copies. She had a very successful career and eventually came out as bisexual, sharing her story in a public interview. After that, Da Brat faced a hard challenge against her infertility, but she ended up overcoming her problems and having a child.

The band known as 702 is formed from a trio of singers, consisting of Kameelah Williams, Irish Grinstead, and LaMisha Grinstead. They have been an incredible hit for many years beginning with their debut album in 1996 “No Doubt”. But their story had a lot of downs with tragedy striking them in the early years of their career.

MC Lyte is one of the pioneers of female rap as she gained a huge amount of fame with the release of her debut album “Lyte as a Rock”. Since then, she has only gotten more popular with single releases and collaborations with other huge artists. She has also gotten into entrepreneurship, opening up her boutique. MC Lyte has made a one-of-a-kind career to remember and has left a strong impact on the hip-hop industry.

These artists share more about their stories, struggles, and accomplishments on “BET Her Live! Hosted by Yo-Yo”. A series full of entertainment and passion from the performers it focuses on. It’s an unmissable series for those who hold an interest in the hip-hop genre and it’s very empowering to many young artists just starting their careers.

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