Creative Marketing Strategist & Influencer Isis Bradford Launches First Published Book 


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Isis Bradford Introduces Her Ground-Breaking Book: Skyrocket Your Business With Social Media Branding

ENSPIRE Contributor: Camila Lizardo

Isis Bradford is a creative marketing strategist who describes herself as a “Digital Sales guru.” On July 11th, Isis published her groundbreaking book, “Skyrocket Your Business with Social Media Branding,” under Mango Publishing Group. The book focuses on giving business owners an in-depth plan to improve their brands and companies through successful social media branding tactics and online product sales.

Isis Breanna Bradford is a Creator of content, a faith-based educator, and a creative marketing strategist. Isis aims to help Black and Brown women turn their inherent abilities into success and purpose; Isis started as a burned-out kindergarten teacher and then began her commercial career with a side business. Isis went from making presets to sharing her trips on social media to building a course that teaches others how to accomplish the same things she did with their goods and services.

“Skyrocket Your Business with Social Media Branding” is now available on Amazon and other online stores. In addition, the book includes Isis P.A.I.D. Equation Method provides helpful advice for starting and expanding a business on social media. Without relying on other influencers or business development managers, Readers learn how to improve audience experiences and increase brand awareness. 

Isis Bradford’s book has the support of Pauleanna Reid, the creator of WritersBlok and a widely recognized journalist who states, “As a next-generation leader and trusted voice in the digital arena, Isis Bradford provides the blueprint to take your brand from the ground floor all the way to the top.”Also, Isis is the founder of the Six Figure Saints brand and a well-known personal brand and business coach. She has spoken at conferences organized by Creative Collective, Squarespace, Bumble Biz, Later Media, and Fox Soul and has been featured in news sites including Yahoo Finance and Facebook. 

Isis Bradford is known as an industry specialist thanks to her knowledge. Isis has made it her mission to assist black business owners via the use of the confined 4-step technique she created to achieve her own amazing success, above all, Isis goals, business, and influence continue to expand as she instructs her thousands of followers on how to expand their companies online.

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