From Behind Bars to Center Stage with Artist Tamikyo Inez


( ENSPIRE Music ) Tamikyo Inez’s Journey From Behind Bars to Center Stage

ENSPIRE contributor: Mayleen Marrero

Tamikyo Inez Ansah is an American Singer-Songwriter, Model, Author, Actress, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother of six children, and Child of God from Memphis, TN. She has a global vision to share love and music! She performed her first solo at three years old. As the third of five children, music was her particular spot and the way she distinguished herself from her siblings. She joined the church youth choir and the school choir.

Tamikyo never imagined herself as a musician or songwriter and only began creating songs after being imprisoned in 2016. It was during a period in her life when she felt she had nothing left to live for. She separated from the ones who meant the most to her. Her children lived in the house with her full-time until 2014. Tamikyo struck a deal with her ex-husband (at the time) to secure a home for the kids in exchange for her releasing him from child support.

After 12 years of being on probation, her restitution threatened her freedom. By August 2015, Tamikyo returned to prison, where she served 2 years for failure to make restitution payments as agreed. It was the separation from her children that was the worst for her. In June 2017, she was released from prison, and in March 2023, Tamikyo completed parole and was finally Free from the criminal justice system!

By her release in 2017, she had written over 100 songs. Tamikyo (TIA) is now on a journey to inspire dreamers to achieve their dreams. She is busy redeeming her life, Establishing reconnection with children, family, employment, and freedom! Currently, she is recording new music for her upcoming album and performing on tour in a different state every month!

Her reparation was threatening her release after 12 years on probation. Tamikyo was sent to prison in August 2015, where she served two years for failing to make agreed-upon restitution payments. The separation from her children was the most difficult for her. Tamikyo was released from prison in June 2017 and completed parole in March 2023, finally free from the criminal justice system!

She had written almost 100 songs by the time she was released in 2017. TIA is now on a mission to inspire dreamers to realize their ambitions. She now focuses on reclaiming her life, Reconnecting with children, family, work, and independence! She is now writing new music for her upcoming album and touring in a different state every month!

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