Hadobody’s New Luxury Collection Encourages Mental and Physical Well-Being


( ENSPIRE Mind, Body, & Soul ) Founder Dianna Smith Combines Style, Comfort, and Well-Being With New Sand & Sea Collection

ENSPIRE Contributor: Kaitlyn Cruz

How can clothes affect your well-being? Hadobody, the luxury clothing brand, uses organic materials, positive affirmations, and soft fabrics to make you look and feel your best- mentally and physically. Founder Dianna Smith combines mindfulness and well-being with style. Its new loungewear, Sand & Sea Collection consists of breezy fabrics that ensure comfort and versatility. Each item limits waste through the use of organic, sustainable materials.

Mindfulness, comfort, and individual empowerment are key elements to the brand. Affirmations such as, ‘I Am Brilliant’, ‘I Am Heard’, ‘I Am Love’, ‘I Am Powerful’, ‘I Am Creative’, and ‘I Am Grounded’ are printed on several pieces. These encourage inner strength and empowerment. It is fashion with a unique, sustainable, and holistic approach.

ENSPIRE spoke with Hadobody’s founder, Dianna Smith, about her journey in creating the brand and why it is important.

What inspired you to create Hadobody?

Hadobody was inspired by a spiritual journey I began after having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. Faced with such devastating news, I had to take stock of my life and determine my place in the world. What purpose do we all serve in our lifetimes? It was then that I explored our being interconnected and how our mind, body, and spirit are at the very core of who we are. In that, I found how we can tap into our power and do our share to bring about individual and societal changes. I started the line because we have such a personal relationship with what we wear. It is our outward expression of who we are. I realized that if we can start there, we have the basis from which we can, in our small way, start a ripple effect that can help the world.

How did you come up with the name?

According to the late Dr. Emoto, a Japanese Ph.D. writer who studied water and its intrinsic properties, Hado means “First Vibration”. His work shows that water is a conscious being and a conduit of information. Our bodies are 70% water. In combination, “hado” and “body” is a way of harnessing that force. It might be possible to program the water in our bodies by tuning into the very clothes that we wear. Starting your day with one of our pieces with an “I AM” affirmation can set positive intentions for the day and positively affect those around us.

Hadobody activewear encourages physical well-being

Why do you believe it’s important to include affirmations on the products?

Most of us are still trying to grasp how powerful our minds are in manifesting the realities that we hope to have. Affirmations are a vital way of not just reinforcing how we think, feel, and behave but also an important tool in setting goals. We decided to imprint affirmations on our pieces as visible and potent reminders of those goals and make them a part of your everyday reality.

Why does the brand focus on mindfulness and how does that impact how individuals feel in the clothing?

We truly embrace the mind, body, and spirit connection, so our focus on mindfulness has always been the point of the brand from the very beginning. And we get positive feedback from our customers all the time about how the pieces make them feel. Because our garments are made from purely natural fabrics, they feel amazingly soft against the skin. It’s like the body knows how healthy this fabric is compared to plastic-based synthetic materials. The affirmations, in the meantime, provide a sense of positivity to their mindset. It is magical and makes a difference. This is mindfulness in action.

How is this brand and collection making a difference and stands out in the luxury fashion space?

We only use plant-based fabrics that adhere to sustainability practices. Our pieces are not only functional but communicate our goals to others, so they can more actively help to heal the environment. When we become mindful about what we wear, when we purchase products that are gentle on the planet, and when we can give back to worthy organizations with our purchases, we are all empowered to make an important difference in our lives and the world.  

What is the importance of being comfortable while maintaining style?

Comfort goes a long way in giving someone a sense of confidence. And style is nothing without confidence. Feeling good in what you wear sets the tone for how you face the world and bring to it your light and spirit.

Breezy material for comfort and well-being
Breezy material for comfort and well-being

Why do you think it’s important for a brand to be committed to sustainable and eco-friendly products?

Our consciousness about the plight of our environment is growing every day; there are more ways now on how we can make a change. Fashion is finally waking up to this and making sustainability a goal. Consumers are also beginning to understand that what they choose to buy and wear can impact the planet and their well-being. Many so-called “performance fabrics” are made from a petrochemical-based fabric – anything synthetic. This includes even recycled synthetics (which are actually even worse for your body and the planet). These are “forever chemicals” that can seep into the body, often replicating hormones, and disturbing the body’s natural balance. Synthetic fabrics produce plastic debris and micro-plastic debris that seep into our bodies while we wear this fabric. These are left into our water systems, hurting our marine life, our oceans, and even our bodies. Understanding this is the first step in choosing the right things to wear.

Do you think this is the future of fashion?

100% it is. It must be the future of fashion for a healthier you and a healthier planet. 

Hadobody’s Sand & Sea collection provides comfort and empowerment to the individual. There is a wide selection of tops, shorts, hats, and other apparel for both men and women. The brand desires to evoke the beauty and serenity of the natural world. The pieces come in soft fabrics and in a range of vibrant, neutral, and earthy colors. Smith intentionally creates clothing from organic fabrics that will not interfere with our natural body chemistry. Many people opt for organic skin care or hair care products, disregarding the synthetic materials in their clothing. The soft fabrics and positive messages of Hadobody will inspire those who wear it, ensuring they feel good inside and out.

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