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( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) The Talented Comedian Released his Newest Rom-Com

ENSPIRE Contributor: Xiangxi Kong

Emmy Award nominee, Harold Jackson III and acclaimed comedy performer Rob Gordon bring you their latest romantic comedy movie, Million to One. This movie is about a rising social media star who meets the love of his life at his brother’s wedding and ends up learning that love and family are more important than the attention he receives on social media. It is available now on major streaming and cable platforms in the U.S. and Canada.

The film is made by Vision films, which is a leading independent company in the film industry. This movie is also an official selection of ABFF(American Black Film Festival) and of MVAAFF(Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival). And the director, Harold Jackson III is known for Once Upon A Time in the District, Last Night (2014) and Liam White: The Forgettable Life of Liam White(2021).

At ENSPIRE we interviewed Harold Jackson III and asked him about his experience and creative progress.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind “Million To One” and what drew you to this project as a filmmaker?

Well, this film is grant-funded by the Prince George’s Film Office in Prince George’s, MD. So, I started by wanting to do something that served and showed the county’s beauty and culture and was entertaining for the masses. That was the birth of it all. Then, the idea of a comedy, followed by this annoying yet likable character of “Dre Shaw” popping into my head, and I was off to the creative races.

“Million To One” is described as a Rom-Com that emphasizes the importance of familial bonds. Can you share how you approached blending comedy with deeper emotional themes in the film?

My natural posture as a filmmaker is dramatic. I’ve shied away from comedy for years. “Million To One” is my first shot at a straight comedy. But, you always go back to your roots. The drama makes the comedy funnier, and the humor makes the drama more poignant. It’s a lovely mix of that played out well.

Filming in and around Washington, DC, must have presented unique challenges and opportunities. Could you share some memorable experiences or locations from the filming process?

The DMV (DC, MD, VA), as we call it, is a beautiful place to make movies. The area supports the arts and you can get so many different types of looks within a few short miles of one another. Classic DC architecture, beaches, suburbs, country, and everything you can imagine is all right here. The only challenge is figuring out how much you can squeeze into the limited real estate of a film.

“Million To One” was an Official Selection of both ABFF and MVAAFF. How did these festival experiences impact the film and your journey as a director?

It was also selected and screened at the PGFF (Prince George’s Film Festival). These fests are instrumental in helping to get the word out. And with the actors strike in full force, we independent filmmakers need all the help we can get.

What message or feeling do you notice audiences have taken away from “Million To One,” and what sets it apart from other Rom-Coms in the genre?

I jokingly say I created a new genre: the Family Rom-Com. In many ways, “Million To One” is like a Sunday dinner with the family. You have everything you love on the table, and it’s refreshing in its familiarity. It’s the type of movie that leaves you full, warm, and happy, just like Sunday dinner.

Million to One is a very classical-style Rom-Com for the audience to enjoy their time. This movie has many talented artists who put effort into it. And as the director’s words, please enjoy it with your friends and family!

Now you can order this film on iTunes/ Apple TV. Watch the trailer here:

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