Angel Livas ALIVE Podcast Network Is Inclusive and Breaks Barriers


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Angel Livas Is An Entrepreneur and Inspiration For Black Creatives

ENSPIRE Contributor: Hridika Pareek

In a world where innovation and inclusion go hand in hand, Angel Livas stands out as a trailblazing entrepreneur, breaking barriers and forging a path for others to follow. As the visionary behind the ALIVE Podcast Network and the first Black woman to build an entire podcast app from scratch, her journey is not just inspiring—it’s a testament to the power of determination and purpose.

Angel’s motivation for embarking on the groundbreaking venture of creating a podcast app was born from her experiences in corporate TV and radio. She witnessed countless talented Black and brown content creators whose ideas were often rejected, only to be repurposed by their white counterparts. This glaring disparity fueled her mission: to create a platform where Black content wouldn’t just be accepted but celebrated and protected.

“It’s about giving creators of color the recognition and respect they deserve,” Angel explains. “I wanted to build a haven for their voices, where they wouldn’t have to worry about their work being overshadowed or appropriated.”

In 2023, Angel’s exceptional work in media earned her the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. The recognition was a momentous occasion in her journey as a young Black entrepreneur. “To know that my work resonates with our community is incredibly rewarding,” she shares. “It reinforces that ALIVE is on the right path.”

At the heart of the ALIVE Podcast Network is a commitment to inclusivity and representation. Angel emphasizes that delivering quality content to subscribers is their top priority. “We’re very intentional about the content we curate,” she says. “It’s about giving Black creatives the visibility and recognition they deserve.”

She understands the challenges Black content creators face in a predominantly white media landscape and believes there’s room for everyone to thrive. ALIVE ensures that these voices are not just heard but amplified.

The upcoming second iteration of the ALIVE app promises a host of interactive features that will revolutionize the podcasting experience. Angel provides a sneak peek: “Our app will allow users to chat and DM with their favorite hosts, share captivating clips seamlessly on their media feeds and even participate in virtual entertainment events. It’s about creating a dynamic and engaging community around our content.”

Having worked with renowned figures like Larry King and Jane Pauley, Angel knows how to bring out the best in talent. Her approach is rooted in excellence and building strong, lasting brands that cultivate consistent audience loyalty.

For those looking to follow in her footsteps, Angel Livas has some invaluable advice. Drawing from her experience as an alumna of Howard University and her active involvement in the tech industry, she urges aspiring Black entrepreneurs to stand up for their personal and professional missions.

“Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself,” she advises. “Sometimes, you have to create your own opportunities and tables. Embrace the challenges along the way; they make you more resilient.”

Angel Livas is a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change in the media and technology landscape. Her commitment to diversity, innovation, and inclusivity serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us that the future is brighter when we create it together. Angel’s journey is proof that breaking barriers is not just a dream—it’s a reality waiting to be realized.

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