Revamp your Lashes with Très Lashique: Magnetic Lashes are Pioneering a Lash Enhancement Revolution


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) CEO Stephanie Jones-Price Discusses Her Magnetic Lash Brand, Designed to Enhance Natural Lashes

ENSPIRE Contributor: Kaitlyn Cruz

Tired of traditional lash enhancements? Très Lashique, a luxury black-owned beauty brand, is an innovative line of magnetic lashes. It was founded by Stephanie Jones-Price, a registered nurse and self-care advocate and co-founded by Erin Branche. Her brand aims to protect and enhance natural beauty assets, such as the hairline, eyelashes, and eyebrows. These magnetic lash enhancements offer a subtle, safe, and efficient way to level up your lash game while maintaining the health of your natural lashes.

Like many others, Stephanie Jones-Price has experienced the frustrations that often come with conventional lash enhancements. Traditional lash extensions and glue can lead to damaged lashes, irritation, and disappointing results. With the guidance of ophthalmologists and dermatologists, the brand ensures their products are not only effective but also safe for the delicate eye area. She created a safer, easier, and gentler alternative. Très Lashique’s magnetic lashes offer a ‘lash glue vacay’ and allow multiple uses, reducing waste and making them eco-friendly.

“Très Lashique is not just a beauty brand; it’s a movement,” says Stephanie Jones-Price, proud owner of the brand. “Our magnetic lash enhancements…empower beauty enthusiasts of all levels…to embrace their natural beauty and take their lash game to new heights.”

Stephanie Jones-Price spoke with ENSPIRE about her brand, her inspirations, and more.

What inspired you to create a magnetic lash brand?

Initially, it was the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire to support a friend who owned a salon in an industry that was being heavily affected by the pandemic. A conversation that I had with my eyelash technician compounded my initial inspiration (at that time, I had been getting individual eyelash enhancements that involved the use of glue). During the conversation, she told me that I would soon have to “take a break” from my lash enhancement routine because my natural lashes were becoming so scarce. She would no longer be able to find anywhere to install my lashes due to my scarcity of natural eyelashes. That process relied heavily on using an individual’s natural lashes as a base to complete the lash enhancement process. The pandemic forced me to stop the process and made me feel compelled to look for an alternative. I tried various “do it yourself” lashes online and in drug stores. I stumbled upon magnetic lashes and fell in love with the concept. The only problem was the quality. From there, the inspiration was sparked, and a brand was born!

Why do you believe it’s essential for women to embrace their natural beauty?

It is important for everyone to embrace their natural beauty! Natural beauty is what we were all born with, and it is also what we will leave with. On days when you don’t feel like taking the extra step to enhance your natural beauty, you should feel beautiful and confident even without enhancements. After all, true beauty radiates from the inside out. While providing care to some of my older patients, I am always in awe of those who have cherished and protected their natural beauty. They are stunning!

Your About page on your brand’s website states that you are a follower of Jesus Christ. How has your faith impacted the choices you make and how you aim to serve others, both through your brand and outside of it?

Wow, this is a great question! Without my faith, I am nothing. My faith is my beacon and my North Star. When I look towards the hills of adversity and challenge while working with my business, I know from whence cometh my help. A Christian’s goal is to be Christ-like in thoughts, deeds, and actions through day-to-day life. I lead my brand with transparency, good faith, and careful consideration for those to whom I provide products. It is always my goal to exceed expectations.

How has your background as a registered nurse impacted the transition into owning your beauty brand?

Nurse practice is heavily intertwined with ethical standards. Four ethical codes are intended to frame individual nurse practice, and there are two of those four that I identify with strongly within the Tres Lashique brand.

  • Beneficence: The promotion of good.
  • Nonmaleficence: The avoidance or minimization of harm.
  • Have you always wanted to own your own business, or was this a newfound passion/desire?

I have always been identified as having an “entrepreneurial spirit.” I love being placed in a position to drive optimal outcomes. I can analyze situations and critically think through providing resolutions to inspire positive results. Owning a business gives me countless opportunities to embark on outcomes-driven scenarios.

Long Lashes with colorful makeup

What advice can you give to those who desire to change careers and start their own business?

Perform the necessary research regarding the product and/or service to see if it is going to meet your goals and expectations. If the business notion can stand up to critical review, carefully plan your departure from your current career and don’t look back. 

Why do you think it’s important for a brand to be committed to quality and sustainability?

Without quality and sustainability, a business cannot thrive. Your brand’s quality is an indicator of your brand’s sustainability. Quality affects reputation. Your brand will reap positive benefits if you have a quality product or provide quality services. The opposite is also true if your product or services are poor. Sustainability is only possible if your brand fits into the former category.

Très Lashique invites users to experience the difference that magnetic lashes can make in their beauty routine. Stephanie Jones-Price continues to promotes the importance of embracing natural beauty, while prioritizing self-care and looking and feeling your best. She inspires women to maintain confidence in themselves, without using harmful and damaging methods. For more information about Très Lashique and its products, visit

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