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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Shakira Hemphill is a renowned entrepreneur, spiritual leader, speaker, coach, mentor, and visionary founder of the nonprofit  Women of Worth, Inc. Hemphill has overcome victimhood and is leading straight to victory. Through her signature event, The Promise Experience, she has created faith-based spaces. This included resources for women seeking empowerment, community, and inspiration. In addition, she is joining the less than 6% of Black authors. With her publishing a book, “The Promise Devotional: Manifesting God’s Promises and Purpose In Your Life,” which serves as a guide to help women. To learn how to overcome challenges and embrace their purpose with unwavering confidence!

Hemphill has created a profound impact through faith and her skill to band women together. An empowering woman who seeks to uplift all kinds of individuals. Hemphill discusses her spiritual expertise and how it shaped her entrepreneurship, speaker, coach, and mentor journey. In addition to serving women of faith, she explains the creation of Women of Worth Inc., the Promise Experience™ event, her book “The Promise Devotional,” and upcoming events and projects.

Shakira Hemphill

Tell us how your spiritual expertise made you an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and mentor.

My journey into entrepreneurship, speaking, coaching, and mentoring is a tapestry woven with threads of faith and personal growth. It all began over two decades ago in the heart of Washington, DC, when I embarked on a career as a 6th-grade ELA teacher. Through my education, leadership, curriculum development, and program management roles, I discovered a profound passion: to help guide and support others on their journeys.

As a woman deeply rooted in my faith, I’ve always believed in the transformative power of prayer, faith, and connection. This unwavering belief sparked a divine calling within me—a calling to help women rise above burnout, embrace their inherent worth, and rediscover their faith. This journey led me to pursue certifications as a Life Coach, an Ordained Minister, and a Transformational Leader.

For the past nine years, I’ve dedicated myself to empowering women to embrace lives of infinite possibility rooted in purpose and faith. I envisioned a world where God’s presence is palpable in every aspect of our lives. Women are empowered to disrupt the enemy’s agenda and step boldly into their God-given destinies. My Spiritual Purpose and Connection Coach role was born, enabling me to guide women on a transformative journey. Lastly, to deepen their faith, disrupt negativity, and embrace their divine purpose.

What ignited you to a life of serving women and building a thriving community for women of faith?

The spark for my dedication to serving women started at a young age. I remember growing up and having a relationship with God. But it was based on what everyone told me rather than seeking Him for myself. I vividly remember a woman telling me at nine that I was called to serve women spiritually. Furthermore, not knowing what that meant or looked like, I held onto that prophetic word. 

I started to struggle and have moments when I was looking for this God of triumphs. I felt a total shift and surrender. During a particularly challenging time in my life, I was grappling with feelings of isolation, pain, and fear while searching for my purpose. In those moments of emptiness, I was forced to grow alone yet surrounded by God’s power. It was through this transformative experience that I stepped into God’s purpose for my life—afraid yet hopeful!

Could you explain the creation of Women of Worth Inc., what this nonprofit offers, and how women can get involved?

Women of Worth (WOW), Inc. was birthed from the depths of isolation and pain. In those moments of soul-searching, I found myself navigating a path of growth alone. I grappled with fear yet enveloped in the unwavering power of God. Then, during this pivotal time, I resounded “yes” to a God Move.

Women of Worth Inc. (WOW Inc.) stands as a beacon of hope and transformation. We live in a world where many grapple with feelings of unworthiness and a sense of disconnection from their divine purpose. Our mission is to empower women to debunk the lies of unworthiness, deepen their faith, and boldly disrupt the enemy’s agenda, all while diving into their God-given destiny with confidence and grace.

WOW Inc. is not just an organization; it is a sacred movement where God is the CEO, guiding every step and illuminating every path. We offer a sanctuary where women can embark on a journey of spiritual elevation and self-discovery through various transformative programs and resources. Our offerings include personalized coaching, intimate group mentorship. Besides immersive live experiences, soul-reviving retreats are a treasure of online resources. These resources are designed to help women reclaim their worth and walk boldly in their purpose.

For my fellow Sisters yearning to immerse themselves in an authentic and sacred sisterhood, the path is clear: join our vibrant community through our website, where transformation awaits you. Dive into our enriching events, where every moment is infused with divine presence. Connect with us on social media, where each post echoes empowerment. Attend our soul-stirring workshops, where profound revelations await. Most importantly, embrace the transformative power of our mentorship programs through our signature framework. “Worthy Way,” where WOW Inc.’s offerings are available to those daring to embark on this sacred journey.

With God as our guide, we warmly invite women to take their place in this divine tapestry of empowerment. A story woven with redemption, renewal, and revelation. 

Could you tell us about your recent event, the Promise Experience™, and its impact on your commitment to fostering sisterhood and empowerment?

The Promise Experience™ was a transformative event to unite women in a powerful, faith-filled environment. The event focused on fostering sisterhood, encouraging personal growth, and empowering women to pursue their God-given purposes. Through meditative and affirming sessions, attendees discovered the beauty of God’s promises. They gain clarity of their purpose, and the unwavering power within them.

This event allowed women to leave the cares of the world at the door and step into a space of renewal and commitment to God’s promises, purpose, and power. The overwhelmingly positive feedback and the tangible transformations we witnessed confirmed the importance of such gatherings. The Promise Experience™ has become a cornerstone of our efforts to build a strong, empowered community of women of faith. 

Shakira Hemphill hosting The Promise Experience

What is the goal for readers with your upcoming book, “The Promise Devotional”?

“The Promise Devotional” is a heartfelt project designed to guide readers on a journey of faith and self-discovery. During my darkest moments, I found solace and guidance in the Bible, and now I share these transformative revelations with others. The goal is to provide daily inspiration and practical insights that help women connect with God’s promises for their lives.

Through each page, readers will witness how these promises helped me transcend victimhood to victory. By applying these timeless truths to their lives, they will find the strength to overcome challenges and embrace their purpose with unwavering confidence. “The Promise Devotional” is more than just a book; it’s a reservoir of God’s power, purpose, and promise, designed to ignite the spirit and fuel every reader’s journey.

On this personal spiritual journey, my pain ignited my purpose. I realized my purpose was to serve women and help women experience the same revelation and empowerment. I realized that many women lacked a supportive community where they could deepen their faith, connect with other women of faith, and discover and grow in their purpose. This realization led to the birthing of Women of Worth (WOW), Inc., a community and company dedicated to building a thriving, sacred community for women of faith.

What resources and safe spaces do you offer with Women of Worth Inc. that make your nonprofit unique?

Women of Worth Inc.’s holistic empowerment and spiritual growth approach is unique. We offer various resources, including personalized coaching, group mentorship, workshops, retreats, and online courses. Our programs address the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—ensuring comprehensive support for our members.

Additionally, we provide safe spaces for women to share their stories, connect with others, and receive support without judgment. Our emphasis on community and connection sets us apart, creating an environment where women can thrive and grow together in faith. Our mission is to help women of faith (35+) debunk the myths of unworthiness, deepen their faith, disrupt the enemy’s agenda, and dive into their destiny, keeping God as their CEO.

We are committed to guiding women on a transformative journey where they embrace their true worth, find strength in their faith, and step boldly into their God-given purpose. Join us as we create a community where every woman can thrive, empowered by the knowledge that she is worthy and destined for greatness. 

What future projects and events can we look forward to from Women of Worth Inc.?

At Women of Worth Inc., we’re constantly evolving to serve and empower women of faith in dynamic and transformative ways. We are dedicated to creating spaces where women can thrive, grow, and connect deeply with their faith. Join us on this incredible journey as we build a faith, empowerment, and community-filled future. Here’s a glimpse of the exciting future projects and events that we have in store:

Live Events: Prepare to be uplifted and inspired at our dynamic live events. These gatherings are designed to deepen your faith and ignite your purpose through soul-stirring teachings, heartfelt worship, and authentic community connections. Each event is a powerful opportunity to connect with your sisters in faith and be equipped with the tools and inspiration needed to flourish.

Women’s Retreats: Our transformative retreats offer a serene and nurturing environment for spiritual rejuvenation and personal growth. Attendees will participate in guided meditation sessions, faith-based workshops, and personal reflection designed to renew their spirits and help them rise to their God-given potential. These retreats are sanctuaries to recharge, reconnect, and rediscover your relationship with God.

Faith-Based Entrepreneur Intimate Retreat: Join us for this unparalleled retreat experience where faith meets entrepreneurship. Leave equipped with the spiritual fortitude and practical tools to elevate your business to new heights. Embrace this opportunity to renew your spirit, expand your network, and step boldly into your God-given purpose as a faith-based entrepreneur.

Shakira Hemphill at The Promise Experience

Worthy Woman Circle™, Women’s Mentorship Program: Our expanded mentorship program provides personalized guidance to support you at every stage of your faith journey. Connect with experienced mentors who will share their wisdom, encouragement, and practical advice, helping you navigate both your spiritual and personal challenges with grace and confidence.

WOW In Action Community Events: Join us for community gatherings and outreach programs that build local connections and strengthen support among women of faith. These events include networking opportunities, service projects, and educational workshops that empower our community and extend our impact.

The Promise Experience™: Building on the transformative success of our Promise Experience, we are excited to expand this initiative to international waters ;-), designed to help you embrace God’s promises and fulfill your purpose. 

WOW Digital Academy: We are thrilled to launch the WOW Digital Academy, an online platform offering tailored courses and resources focused on spiritual growth, leadership, and personal development. This academy will provide women with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in all areas of their lives, from the convenience of their homes.

Recent Release of “The Promise Devotional”: Dive into your faith journey with “The Promise Devotional,” accompanied by book tours, signing events, and virtual book clubs. This publication is crafted to connect deeply with you, offering continuous support and inspiration.

For more information, visit Women of Worth Inc. to see how you can get involved or follow their Instagram. You can preorder her book “The Promise Devotional: Manifesting God’s Promises and Purpose In Your Life” by clicking here.

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