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New Anti-Racist Visualizer for Song by the Legendary Nina Simone

( ENSPIRE Music ) Nevil Bernard Visualizer Embodies Urgency & Anger From the Civil Rights Movement to the Black Lives Matter...

Strange Fruit: Hip-Hopera Set to Film

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Deborah Jane Tells Us the Purpose and Meaning Behind the Film ENSPIRE Contributor:...

Musician Niko Brim Become a Rising Leader in his Community

( ENSPIRE Man Code 101 ) Niko Brim Works in His Community as a Leader and Role Model to Create Peace

Power of Creating Change With Sabeeta Bidasie Singh

( ENSPIRE Interview ) Exclusive ENSPIRE Interview With Sabeeta Bidasie Singh About Impacting Change as an Educator 

Briaunna Embrey-Banks Brings BLM Awareness to College Campus

( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Briaunna Embrey-Banks Holds a Black Lives Matter Event to Educate York College of Pennsylvania Students

Emotional Ballad “Tired” Tributes Victims of Police Brutality

( ENSPIRE Man Code 101 ) Shirazee's Much Needed Video Expresses a Generation's Frustration with Police Brutality

Resources to Support Black People with Disabilities

( ENSPIRE Resources ) July 26th Marks the 30th Anniversary of the Signing of the ADA, but We Still Have a...

Call Me Ace Donates $10k+ To End the Criminalization of Black...

( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Call Me Ace Donates Funds and Shares How the Global Pandemic & Racial Injustice Affect the...

Alternative-Reality Racial Drama “The Other Foot” Movie Enters Pre-Production And Casting

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) TYME Productions Proudly Announces They Are Moving into Pre-Production for Post-Slavery White American—Black American Role Reversal Film

The Bachelor: Can They Get It Right This Time?

( ENSPIRE Trending News ) The Bachelor Casts First Black Lead After 25 Seasons ENSPIRE Contributor: Amanda...