INCLUDEnyc Offers Training and Advocacy Services for New Yorkers with Disabilities for Free Online


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Leading Disability Service Provider Goes Virtual Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic to Ensure that Children with Disabilities and their Families are Supported

ENSPIRE Contributor: Amanda Hirsch

Due to the growing prevalence of disabilities in young people, an increase in services is required to properly support and advocate for the rights of this population. According to INCLUDEnyc, a leading provider of services and training for people with disabilities and their families, almost one million New Yorkers identify as having a disability. Out of one million, 347,314 are young, school-aged people. COVID-19 has temporarily closed schools, thus limiting the services that these children would normally receive from school professionals and teachers. INCLUDEnyc recognized the need for these services and came up with a plan.

Since the beginning of quarantine, INCLUDEnyc has been offering completely remote virtual information sessions, support groups, activities and even concerts for families with a child/children with disabilities. Thanks to their generous supporters, everything that they are offering is completely free with registration. A calendar detailing the events of each week can be found on their website.

Photo: INCLUDEnyc now offers completely virtual parent support groups every second and fourth Tuesday.

With the isolation that comes with this pandemic, it is easy to feel neglected or alone. But inclusion and equality are at the forefront of INCLUDEnyc’s mission. Through educating the public, INCLUDEnyc hopes to create “an inclusive society that will benefit everyone.”

More information and participation inquiries can be found here.