Brooklyn Nine-Nine Television Series Shows Support for Black Lives Matter


( ENSPIRE Trending News ) NBC Series About Cops Restarts Filming for New Season to “Do it Right” In Light of Black Lives Matter Protests

ENSPIRE Contributor: Amanda Hirsch

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy series on NBC Universal about the 99th precinct in Brooklyn, NY. With actors such as Andy Sandberg, Terry Crews, and Andre Braugher in the cast, this show is undoubtedly high-quality and laugh-out-loud funny. The plot usually covers topics such as the main characters pulling pranks on each other, solving a seemingly unsolvable crime, and romances between partners. Although the plot is typically light-hearted, the writers and the cast have made it clear that they acknowledge the corruption of the police system. As Black Lives Matter protests have spread across the world, the show’s cast and crew decided to show more support.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been praised for its diversity in characters and its representation of different sexual-orientations. Andre Braugher’s character is the captain of the precinct who happens to be a gay black man. One of the top detectives in the precinct is played by Stephanie Beatriz who is a bisexual Argentinian woman. Some notable issues covered in the show include Terry Crews’s character, Sergeant Jeffords, being profiled for being a black man in his own neighborhood, and Beatriz’s character experiencing rejection from her parents after coming out as bisexual.

The cast and crew recently made a $100,000 donation to The National Bail Fund and have publicly spoken about the murder of George Floyd as well as in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. After much consideration, one of the show’s creators, Dan Goor, announced that their soon-to-be-released final season would be trashed and they will be re-starting filming as soon as possible. In light of the BLM movement, the cast, crew, and writers want to make sure that their final season speaks on behalf of black lives everywhere. They will be completely rewriting the new season and announcing the new release date later this year. If waiting a little longer for this much anticipated season means that it will have cultural significance, then we believe it will be worth it.