Happy Pride Month: Support Black LGBTQ+ Service and Activist Groups


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Six Black-Led LGBTQ+ Groups to Donate To Today

ENSPIRE Contributor: Amanda Hirsch

With the end of June nearing, we need to continue to support the LGBTQ+ community after pride month concludes. Black people who are also in the LGBTQ+ community need our help now more than ever. To make it easier to find resources to help, we have compiled a list of six black-owned LGBTQ+ organizations that need more funding to support the black LGBTQ+ community.

The LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund helps LGBTQ+ people post bonds and raises awareness of their over-incarceration. According to their website, LGBTQ+ people are three times more likely to be jailed. One in two homeless children is LGBTQ+ and half of the homeless people experience incarceration. The organization has worked to free people in over 15 states and plans to expand its services. The organization provides funds for low-income individuals, as well as case management and legal services when needed.
To donate to their cause, visit their website here.

Photo: From The LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund’s Facebook Page.

The Audre Lorde Project is a center for community organizing for lesbian, gay, bisexual, two-spirit, trans, and gender non-conforming people of color. The center is located in New York City. Their mission is to mobilize and educate the public to move towards community wellness and progressive social and economic justice for LGBTQ+ people of color. The organization recognizes and welcomes diversity in the people that they work with and support.
To donate to their cause, visit their website here.

Photo: From The Audre Lorde Project’s Facebook Page.

The Marsha P. Johnson Institute’s mission is to protect and defend the rights of black transgender people. As being transgender and out in society has become more common, the organization wants to ensure the protection of these individuals from abuse and violence. The MPJI is named after a prominent figure from the Stonewall Riots, Marsha P. Johnson. Marsha fought tirelessly for the right of black transgender individuals all the while being unapologetically herself. This organization wants to use Marsha’s values to help black transgender people reclaim their minds, bodies, and futures.
To donate to their cause, visit their website here.

Photo: From The Marsha P. Johnson Institute’s Facebook Page.

Voixe Noire is an organization made for and by black women. Their goal is to provide a safe space for black women and femme-identifying people of all genders to share their stories and voices. Thus far, Voixe Noire has raised and distributed over $150,000 in reparations. They define reparations as “the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.” They have seen how black women have been excluded, and they want to prioritize making their voices heard in society and media.
To donate to their cause, visit their website here.

Photo: From Voixe Noire’s Facebook Page.

The Okra Project is a collective that intends to help black trans people who are facing food insecurity. Black trans chefs bring home-cooked, healthy, and culturally specific meals to black trans people. The way it works is that The Okra Project pays black trans chefs to go into the homes of black trans people to cook them meals at zero cost to the recipient. One session will cost The Okra Project $90, which includes paying the chef and paying for groceries.
To donate to their cause, visit their website here.

Photo: From The Okra Project’s Facebook Page.

House of GG was founded by Miss Major Griffin-Gracy who was present at the Stonewall Riots and primarily serves women in the U.S. South. It provides a safe space where trans and gender-nonconforming people can heal and grow from the trauma they and their ancestors have faced and nurtures them into tomorrow’s leaders.
To donate to their cause, visit their website here.

Photo: From House of GG’s Website.

Our duty to support our LGBTQ+ peers does not end with pride month. As human beings, it is crucial to remember that the world thrives off of love and kindness. If you are able to, these organizations and support groups would benefit immensely from your generosity. Please consider donating at the links above.