SubZero Masks Donates One Mask For Every Mask Purchased To Charities in Need


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Three Best Friends in Burbank, Cali. Founded The Los Angeles Based Face Mask Company Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

ENSPIRED Contributor: Kyla Yates

Ben & Blake Ricciardi and Travis Lubinsky have pivoted their successful careers to help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a socially conscious mask company, Subzero Masks. At Subzero masks, for each mask purchased, one will be donated to thousands of charities in need. The team responded quickly by pivoting their current careers to producing and manufacturing face masks. After receiving incredibly positive feedback from celebrities, tastemakers, and charity organizations, the founders of Subzero Masks wanted to join forces to help those in need.

The Los Angeles-based premium brand, which launched in April, hopes to give as
many masks away as they can and the trio is confident that the need for masks will
remain for the duration of the pandemic.

Blake Ricciardi is the chief creative officer of Subzero Masks and is the creator behind the iconic worldwide streetwear brand, Popular Demand. Blake has worked with artists ranging from Diddy to Cardi B and has been featured in leading publications and top TV shows.

Ben Ricciardi, brother to Blake, is the founder and CEO of Times10,, a disruptive creative agency in Los Angeles, California. Times10 works with an impressive array of industry giants including Adidas, MGM, Canon, and major big-box retailers. A sought-after social media strategist, Ben has a growing personal Instagram following that has recently hit one million.

Travis Lubinsky is the founder of Flex Watches and was featured on MTV’s “Real World” and CNBC’s “The Profit.”  He is an e-commerce expert with over 10 years of experience. He generated over one million dollars within a year of launching his first website, and has sold eight figures directly to consumers by leveraging his network. 

Actor Justin Baldoni (“Jane the Virgin,”) and his organization, The Wayfair Foundation, was the first to partner with Subzero Masks. As a result of their collaboration, masks were provided to skid row residents in Chicago and Los Angeles. Subzero Masks has also joined forces with the Young California DJ Relief Fund, a charity founded by iHeartRadio’s DJ Amen, designed to help out the professional DJs who have lost revenue as a result of COVID-19. Several DJ’s are using this platform to help lead the call to action. For every Subzero Young California mask sold, the team at Subzero will donate a mask and a portion of the sales will go towards helping young local DJs.

“We just want to help as many people as we can,” said Blake Ricciardi Co-Founder of
Subzero Masks. “As we reopen our businesses and return to some sense of normal
activity everyone will need protection. We wanted to do our part to support the global

When COVID-19 struck and a shortage of masks occurred, Subzero Masks went
to work manufacturing thousands of face masks for consumers. Now, Subzero Masks
are in high demand from countless industries across the nation. Receiving consistent
order requests from large organizations and families, the company is now increasing
its offerings to other lines which will include children’s masks and a matching T-shirt
and mask line.

“People just love them, because they are lightweight and machine washable,” said co-
Founder Ben Ricciardi. “Not only are these masks versatile but as people return to
work the demand will continue.”

“We are grateful that so many charities have reached out to partner with us on our give
a mask, get a mask initiative, said co-Founder Travis Lubinsky. “As long as we have
the manpower and resources we will continue to produce as many masks as we can.”

About Sub Zero Masks:

Subzero masks are hand-sewn, made-in-USA quality construction. They are reusable
and washable (cold water only, air-dry only). The fabric is 100% soft, breathable cotton
for durability and comfort. The masks contain flexible straps that are ideal for all adults
and teenagers.

For more information and to order larger quantities or in bulk, please visit

Source: Amy Prenner | PR