Brittney Holman on The No Touch Zone, Learning Who Father Is, and Writing


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Brittney Holman’s Experience with Writing The No Touch Zone and Learning Who Father Is

ENSPIRE Contributor: Amitha Bhat

Brittney LaShe’ Holman is a 27- year- old author, entrepreneur, influencer, and mentor to many. She is also the owner of Measure Up Studio, Lavish Looks, and serves as the Founder and President of I Am Lavish Foundation, a foundation that is dedicated to helping men, women, and children living in low-income communities in South Carolina. 

An avid writer, she is the author of “Learning Who Father Is” and “The No Touch Zone.” Both books engage in teaching readers valuable lessons that they can apply to their own lives. Holman is ambitious, resourceful, and passionate in creating opportunities for those she empowers and whom she serves. She enjoys researching, traveling, and making good use of her many talents.

She became inspired to write “The No Touch Zone” based on her personal experience from being inappropriately touched at a young age. Through her book, she strives to help current youth prevent sexual assault from happening to them as well. 

The message she aims to convey in the book is that people should not allow anyone to invalidate them or touch them in an uncomfortable area that they did not give others permission to access. Another lesson that can be taken from the book is that people must learn which areas are not allowed to be touched or seen. When people become aware of what areas are not okay to touch, they can learn to protect themselves from predators. 

Now, Holman is releasing another book titled “Learning Who Father Is.” With characters Promise and Ezekiel, the book is about healing from the absence of a real father figure. It follows a journey of self-reliance and self-love as characters learn to look for love in the right places. 


With her writing, Holman hopes to heal and transform many laughs from some of my life challenges that she had to face in order to grow. When asked what writing means to her, she states that it is healing, empowering, motivating, and growing. Words of encouragement Holman lives by is “In all THINGS, put your best foot forward while doing “ALL” things in the spirit of excellence.”

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