TENOIR TV: A New Streaming Network Driven By Diversity


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) A Digital Platform Pinnacled upon Offering Viewers Inclusive Eye-Opening Media Presenting Sincere Stories of Underrepresented Communities

ENSPIRE Contributor: Aishwarya Suresh

Enter any platform during this time, whether it be in a physical or digital space, and access to various suggestions on educational tools to combat racism and prejudice will surely present itself. Variegating consumption of media and literature is essential in redirecting from the unbalanced narrowed lens we see in the mainstream. At this point, you may be running out of resources, overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin, or somewhere in the middle and looking for a trustworthy and genuine place to go. 

Starting August 1st, 2020 TENOIR TV (pronounced TAY-nwar), co-founded by Ruby Charles and Sandra Dieudonne, will bring three core values of culture, insight, and authenticity to the TV screen. Using Exposure on Demand TV on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Roku, people will now have access to a unique digital streaming service dedicated first to building from inclusivity.

Lifestyle shot of “Lifelong friends turned entrepreneurs, business partners, and Co-Founders of TENOIR TV – Ruby Charles (left) and Sandra Dieudonne (Right)”.

What we include in our everyday lives affect how we move forward. More and more, people are shifting to affordably convenient media libraries. During these times of self-awareness and education TENOIR TV asks the question; why not use that screen time to effortlessly yet intentionally normalize exposure to realities beyond singularity?  Whether it be an episode, tv series, or movie, there is no better way of hearing and seeing stories from home. The audience now can tap into a service that celebrates vibrance, and gives a platform for dialogue, authentically derived from the communities we all live within and amongst.

Along with the promise of truthful storytelling is a continuous effort to listen and respond. Searches will be ongoing for content depicting overlooked narratives typically otherized or sidelined. Applications to submit work can be found on the streaming service web page under Content Creators’ Corner

Photo: “An Nou Chante” by Cassandra Piton is a children’s sing-a-long video series that teaches kids to speak Creole.

TENOIR TV Film Festival will launch the first days of streaming from August 1st to August 8th. During these eight days selected submissions will be streamed, two of which will receive the Best of Festival Award and People’s Choice Award. Interested content creators can submit any number and genre of original work, at no cost, until the submission deadline on July 24th. Creators of selected pieces will be notified on July 28th. More detailed information is located on the TENOIR TV Film Festival FilmFreeway web page.  

“Tattoo Life” by Gil Rios, is an award-winning docu-series that tells the stories behind the tattoos from the perspective of noted tattoo artists and the people who don their meaningful body art.

With such an opportunity to engage with the wide breadth of tales and takes on life, this service offers something others miss the mark on. By promoting accurate representation of identities and amplifying voices reflective of the ethnic, social, cultural and lifestyle diversity in society, TENOIR TV propels forward by aiming for justice in storytelling presentation.

Each viewer and their own personal story will find a sanctuary in this innovative and honest digital environment led by a just cause. Centering its purpose on seeking to fulfil the goal in mirroring America as it truly is, this one of a kind service takes the initiative to be both a space of creators and viewers collecting in solidarity with humanity.

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