“It’s Okay to be Sexy and Smart”: Womanpreneur Tere Tatiana Embraces Her Self Worth


The Multi-Business Owner Discusses Her Journey as a Social Media Influencer

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Duchan

Tere Tatiana is the epitome of beauty and brains. The rising entrepreneur is making waves with her four blooming businesses and advocacy for mental health, distinguishing herself as a true “boss lady” while embracing her strong femininity.  Born in Atlanta, Georgia, and later moving to Statesboro, Georgia, Tatiana earned a degree in Public Relations from Claflin University after only three years. While a single new mother, she was deployed to Afghanistan as a Government Contractor, where she worked in connecting and splicing fiber optic cables while also focusing on human resources. These experiences equipped her with the skills necessary to start up her businesses and quickly rise to success.

Tatiana’s companies, Labeled Blu Collections, Labeled Blu Realty and Labeled Blu Transportation, are all results of her tireless efforts to de-stigmatize the idea that females cannot be thriving entrepreneurs if they also embrace their sexuality. She describes herself as wearing many hats, developing businesses in clothing and realty, teaching classes in trucking, and simultaneously running the Southern Hospitality Adult Daycare Facility to offer resources to the elderly and mentally challenged. Tatiana stresses that women should not have to label themselves as one specific thing and instead deserve the freedom from society to spread their wings.

Despite her strong morals, Tatiana has been on the receiving end of countless hateful comments that condemn her work as a Black businesswoman. She is often subject to presumptions based on superficialities; Tatiana has developed a booming social media following, where she embraces her curves and femininity and is therefore frequently typecasted as a shallow influencer who lacks real credibility. 

Tatiana channels the daily obstacles she faces into being a resource for other women trying to navigate the business world. “A person’s capabilities to perform their job function or to conduct business has absolutely nothing to do with their sexuality,” Tatiana argues. “There are so many women that are smart, ambitions, tenacious, and driven that just so happen to be sexy.” She offers professional advice to women on how to open thriving businesses and improve their mental health, especially during the challenging times presented by COVID-19. “I’ve actually put in the work myself to live the lifestyle I live,” said the influencer, “and my followers appreciate and can identify with that.” Tatiana continues to educate, challenge, and change people’s perspectives of her, all while maintaining a strong sense of purpose and being a role model to women of all backgrounds.