TBC Corporation Partners with Ronald McDonald House Charities


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Tire Company Gives Back With Pledge to RMHC

ENSPIRE Contributor: Logan Floyd

TBC Corporation, one of America’s largest replacement tire marketers, has announced a new partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). RMHC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping sick or injured children get the medical care they need while staying close to their families. Through the partnership, a new initiative called Aligned in Hope launched to provide support to RMHC through some of TBC-backed efforts.

TBC has been dedicated to giving back to the community for a number of years and has supported many organizations. However, it did not originally have a primary partner on which it could focus its efforts across its company-owned brands, NTB Tire & Service Centers and Tire Kingdom. Luckily, TBC has recently found that partner in RMHC, with whom it shares a common mission.

“[RMHC’s] mission and our mission are closely aligned and together we are Aligned in Hope,” a representative of TBC said.

Through Aligned in Hope, TBC is providing RMHC with a variety of benefits. These include a special card for lifetime AutoCare at NTB and Tire Kingdom stores for RMHC families, discounted fleet services to local RMHC chapters, and charitable corporate donations from NTB and Tire Kingdom. Additionally, TBC is going to support educational and promotional campaigns, designed to educate consumers about RMHC’s mission and what they can do to help. Employees of NTB and Tire Kingdom will also have the opportunity to give back through volunteer work at local RMHC chapters, thus demonstrating their willingness to make a difference in their community and in the lives of RMHC families.

“With our partnership, we can help relieve the financial burdens for families with sick children and can ensure families can stay close to their child and close to the medical care their child needs at leading hospitals worldwide,” a representative of RMHC said. “We couldn’t do this important work without our partners at TBC Corporation.”

Aligned in Hope promises to help children across the country, facilitating RMHC’s ability to reach children while also reducing financial burdens on families. The partnership is a welcome development in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which threatens to spread even more among the younger population in the coming months as children go back to school. Yet in helping create relief efforts like Aligned in Hope, corporations have the chance to do their part for the next generation not just in the face of the pandemic, but for long after as well.