Interview with Buzzing New Artist AMBRI

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( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) AMBRI Talks About Her New Single and Musical Inspiration

ENSPIRE Contributor: WaTeasa Freeman

Brooklyn’s very own AMBRI released her highly anticipated new single, “Too Early,” featuring rapper Kevin AntoniYo which is now streaming on all platforms. The single captures the essence of Hip/Hop and Soul with a splash of Afro Beats. AMBRI, born Brianna Ra’nee McGraw, uses her gift of storytelling to share her art. She was applauded for her ability to write and sing music that can appeal to the masses. AMBRI is redefining the meaning of artistry with her lyrical content and soulful vocals.

In an industry that takes women and tries to repackage them into products and not artists, women must keep a strong sense of self and rely on the quality of their music to represent who they are. ENSPIRE had the chance to speak with AMBRI about her new single and her musical process. 

Source Instagram @itsAmbri

What inspired you to start making music?

I had many different inspirations when I started making music. I come from a very musical family, so that would be my first inspiration. I attended Brooklyn High School of the Arts as a vocal major, graduated New York Film Academy as a musical theater major also. I was always performing, always around music, watching my favorite artists’ performance videos or in concert. The passion and love for it grew. I honed in on my craft and wanted to start telling my own stories and creating my own music.

How has the current state of the world (COVID-19, elections, BLM) impacted your music?

The current state of the world impacted my music in many ways. Like many others, I was forced to be still, be present, and become one with my emotions. Forced to sit and fully focus on the things that are and have been going on in the world. I’ve seen so much, joined protests, marches, had long impactful, meaningful conversations, spent more time with loved ones, closed chapters, and started new ones. When it comes to writing music, I’ve always written about my experiences, emotions, my environment, etc. But, with this time, I was able to do things more. Listen more, read more, meditate more, write more, think more, educate myself more. Throughout this difficult time, many great things were also formed. Throughout this time, I feel like I grew as not only a woman but an even better artist.

What is the most important part of your creative process?

The most important part of my creative process is staying inspired. When I’m inspired, my creativity flows better because I’m not forcing the process.

Source Instagram @itsAmbri

Who are your biggest musical influences?

This list can go on forever because I’m influenced by many people for different reasons. But, some of my biggest musical influences are Beyonce, Brandy, Tupac, Anita Baker, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, and Whitney Houston just to name a few.

What artist would you like to work with in the future?

There are so many artists that I’d love to work with. I’m from Brooklyn, so Jay-Z is a must of course. Drake, SiR, Chris Brown, Ari Lennox, Lauryn Hill, Bruno Mars, J Cole, Burna Boy, Brandy, Big Sean, and the list goes on & on. There are many artists, new & old, some who aren’t even mainstream, that I really know I can make amazing music with. If the opportunity and the vibe is there, let’s do it.

AMBRI is on her way to success, with a strong musical direction and connection with the world. She seems to know what she’s doing. Find AMBRI’s new single “Too Early” here. Find her on Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter, @itsAmbri.

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