Author Regina Curry On Her Book And Business


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Author and Entrepreneur Regina Curry Talks About Her Background and Her Company

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

With the goal of opening doors for others, Regina Curry has gone from being a mother of two to owning her own business. Pearl Productions Publishing and Distributing is an avenue for Christians to share and spread their work with other like-minded individuals. Curry has used this same avenue to raise awareness for her newly published book, “Marked: The Beginning of the End,” a book that follows a young man through the trials of finding himself as part of the Army of God.

“Marked: The Beginning of the End” is a book revolving around the life of Jonathan, and how his religious faith is questioned and reinforced. The book touches upon subjects such as the Kingdom of Heaven, and the power religion has over people’s lives. Curry hopes to bring people closer to God through this trilogy of books.

Apart from using her book to bring Christian beliefs to popular cultures, Curry has also strived to help other Christian sources of entertainment to the forefront of the media. She created Pearl Productions Publishing and Distributing to give Christian artists a chance to share their work with the world. Curry’s company has helped groups like “A Mixture of Us” distribute their music to target audiences, and it has also reached out to others like Deloris Jordan to share their life experiences with similar-minded people. 

Curry is also working hard to give back to her community. As a public school teacher of more than 15 years, she has dedicated her life to helping the parents and children of her community. Curry does not plan to stop there. She has also been collaborating with other businesses to create an orphanage to help kids in need.

“Marked: The Beginning of the End” is only the beginning of a fantasy trilogy that will capture the attention of readers everywhere. With her success in the writing world and her goal of helping others, Curry embodies what it means to give back to others and help others on their journey. Her company, Pearl Productions Publishing, and Distributing has been a great resource for Christians for her community. She has shown how it is possible to follow one’s goals and help others in reaching their own goals as well.