Black Romance Novelist B.Love Celebrates Five Years of Changing the Game


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) From Pushing Messages of Self-Love to Offering Healthy Images of Black Love, B.Love Empowered Readers Since the Beginning of Her Career

ENSPIRE Contributor: Adriana Georgiades

In just five years, black romance novelist and self-love teacher B.Love has published over 110 best-selling books, founded her publishing company B.Love Publications, and has been nominated for Romance Book of the Year several times, winning twice. In honor of the fifth anniversary of her impressive writing career, the aptly nicknamed “Prolific Pen Pusher” will be releasing five new books on Nov. 5th that continue to spread the messages of self-love and empowerment that define her anthology. 

B.Love started writing at 12 years old, beginning with songs and poetry before turning to books at the age of 18. After escaping a toxic relationship in 2015, she started writing about the self-love and compassion she lacked in her life as a form of self-healing. “Writing was my mirror, in a sense, showing me the things I wanted, needed, and needed to work,” B.Love says. While her initial intention was not to entertain or help others, her message of self-love and empowerment began to resonate with readers, and the author realized the power of her words. “In a way, that was my way of proving my worth to myself after that relationship made me question it. Now, I use my platform and books to reach women who may be struggling with things I’ve overcome as their guide.”

In a genre historically dominated by white-voices, B.Love is offering much-needed representation for black women in the romance genre. “We read romance novels too. We want to escape from reality and be entertained too. We deserve relatable women to read about and swoon-worthy men to fantasize about,” she says. 

By offering positive alternatives to the toxic stereotypes that dominate black romance narratives, B.Love aims to uplift and empower her readers’ self-image and world view.  “I think it’s very important that we see healthy images of black women, black men, and black love. There’s a lot of toxicity shown when it comes to black relationships, especially on reality TV,” B.Love says. “It is our mission to celebrate black women, black men, and black love with every book we publish. I receive positive feedback from readers often, and that feedback is confirmation that what I’m doing is right and necessary. It’s what motivates me to keep producing work.”  

This unfair representation, coupled with her initial struggle in finding a publisher, led her to found her publishing company B.Love Publications, which to date has helped over 50 black authors publish 300 titles and counting. “There’s so much power within the black dollar, and unfortunately, outside races capitalize on that more than we do ourselves. It shouldn’t be that way, nor should we lack representation when we are helping a billion-dollar industry continue to succeed,” she says. “I decided to start a company for authors who had the same struggle. I took on the responsibility of helping them create and dominate their own lanes.” 

Her work to empower fellow authors earned her the title of Ambassador of Black Love stories, and her outlook on the future of the romance genre is an optimistic one. There has been an increase in calling out the unfair representation in books, covers, promotion, and pay to black authors, so I believe there will be a spike in representation in the future,” B.Love says.  “I do, however, think that spike will come because more black authors are publishing independently or with independent companies like mine.”

As someone who continues to break the barriers that stand in her way, B.Love shares her advice for aspiring writers: “Write the stories in your heart that you want to read, and never conform to the pressures placed upon you by other authors, this industry, or readers.”