Toronto Recording Artists Join Forces for Charity in New Single, “Wish I Could”


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Dub J Announces New Single With All-Star Cast to Speak Out Against Gun Violence

ENSPIRE Contributor: Octavia Johnson

Canadian producer Dub J unifies a Toronto A-List roster of JRDN, Maestro Fresh Wes, JD Era, Bizz Loc, Turk, Roney, and Jelleestone on a new single, “Wish I Could,” speaking out against the rising gun violence in Toronto. They are helping to increase donations for the ENOUGH IS ENOUGH campaign.

“Wish I Could” opens with an intro of a reporter stating that five teenage boys were shot at, three people were injured, a woman was shot, and two men were killed, including adding that there were currently 398 shootings in Toronto. The chorus brings in an emotional statement that the artists wish they could bring back their loved ones that were no longer there, no matter who they are. Each artist used metaphors and statements to paint the different stories of gun violence. “The multigenerational component combined with the life experiences and knowledge that these artists bring to this song is very powerful. I truly believe this is the most important Canadian hip hop record ever made,” Dub J said.

The record marks an important milestone in Canadian Hip-Hop. It’s a bold statement from intergenerational voices to convey a powerful unified message to the people of Toronto when many lose their lives to senseless gun violence.

Dub J’s campaign, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, is to bring national awareness to the heightened acts of gun violence in Toronto. “I’ve been in the Canadian music industry for over 20 years. The majority of my work has been based out of Toronto and I’ve lost personal friends as victims to this gun problem. I felt that with my platform and a broad network, I could speak up on this topic appropriately. We all need to do our part to help combat this issue. I am proud to announce that I have founded a new initiative called ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Starting today, you’ll start seeing the ENOUGH IS ENOUGH logo appears all over Toronto. We have already connected with numerous clothing stores, sneaker shops, and jewelry stores. Also starting today, we are happy to announce that popular Toronto directors like Knemesis, Brown Guy Made This, and others have agreed to no longer shoot videos for artists’ songs that can incite violence. These are all steps in the right direction.”

According to the Toronto Sun, after street checks were abandoned and the Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy’s (TAVIS) funding was cut in 2015 before being disbanded in early 2017, shootings increased by 178% between 2014 and 2019, from 177 in 2014 to 492 last year. Gang members are also no longer afraid of carrying guns, which escalated rates of gun violence.

The artists are asking for those who want to donate to visit and follow them on Instagram, @enoughisenoughTO. Streaming services for “Wish I Could” are currently available.