Fetch RI Keeps Pets Healthy And Happy


( ENSPIRE Health And Wellness ) Since Starting Her Fetch RI Pet Products Store, Johnna Devereaux Has Been Dedicated To Bringing Pets The Best Products

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

What started as a pet adoption has now morphed into a pet product empire. From chew toys to pet snacks, Johnna Devereaux’s Fetch RI sells it all. With the pandemic taking over the life of people across the world, many have started to improve their lifestyle and attempted to improve their pet’s lifestyle as well. With Devereaux’s tips and products, pet owners everywhere can change the nutrition and lifestyle of their pet.

Johnna Deveraux’s Fetch RI idea began when she adopted Diego, a shelter pup, back in 2014. This addition to her family led to a growing interest in pet nutrition and herbalist curiosity. Changing her career path was not difficult since Deveraux felt a strong passion for helping animals. With a lot of schooling, and an eagerness to learn, Deveraux was able to stop working at a job and start living her passion. The job comes with ups and downs, but the most rewarding part of it is when she is able to improve the life of an animal who was otherwise suffering. 

With COVID-19 impacting the lives of pets everywhere, Devereaux has a few tips to lower pet anxiety. Most importantly, pet mental health starts with what the pet owner is feeling. Once a pet owner can relax and breathe deeply, they are in a better position to help their animal. 

Adding to this, many times the owner’s own state of mind can greatly affect how the pet is feeling, and lowering anxiety in the owner can already lower anxiety in the pet. Of course, if this does not work, Devereaux recommends all-natural herbal remedies and a veterinarian as a last resort. 

Apart from lowering anxiety, Devereaux also has a few ideas to keep pets physically healthy. She recommends taking them on walks to help with their physical health. She also mentions giving pets puzzles games with a treat at the end to stimulate their minds. 

Fetch RI has a few specifically designed products to keep pets healthy. These products include long-term chews, like the bully bone in a Bully Buddy safety device, which will stimulate their mind as well. For more information please visit the Fetch RI website.