Life and Transformation Coach Jan Grobler’s New Book “Get the Hell Out of Your Own Way”


( ENSPIRE Features ) Jan Grobler’s New Motivational Self-Help Novel Teaches You Essential Skills To Create a Life You Will Love

ENSPIRE Contributor: Jules Lavallee 

Transformational Life Coach Jan Grobler is working all over the globe. His reformative footprint is expanding daily and his work ranges from the United Kingdom to South Africa, Namibia, Australia, and even the United States. He believes every human life has a genius to gift this world, and he enjoys the discovery of his client’s own unique potential. He believes genius is underpinned by self-esteem and uses this concept to help his clients find their authenticity by coaching them to accept themselves for who they are and then transforming their results to their highest potential. His new book, Get the Hell Out of Your Own Way – Tips and Tools to Heal Your Past and Create the Life You Love, is available on Amazon.

When did you know helping others was your calling?

I was, for many years, very aware that people facing some kind of challenge somehow found their way to me for advice and a new perspective. Providing a soundboard to others and offering a changed perspective always came naturally to me. I saw this in various areas of my life, also during my corporate career preceding my full-time life and transformation coaching practice. I had always found myself being available to people who were facing life and the challenges that it could present. I never understood it to be a calling until such time I have found my own healing and transformation path and then realized that I loved helping people and that I enjoyed seeing them happy and embracing life.

As a leading life and transformation coach globally, what are people struggling with today?

People struggle to find their true north because they are stuck in the past and they do not know and understand who they really are. I find that a lack of worthiness follows many good people from childhood. They do not feel worthy because of some sort of limiting belief that they received about their worthiness at a very young age. This is then usually followed by self-loathing, multiple regrets, and a sense of guilt that keeps many perfectly good folks engaging the thought that life is difficult, that it must be a struggle, or else it is not normal and that they cannot live the life they dreamed about. Many even gave up on their dreams and stopped dreaming as a consequence of feeling devalued and not good enough. This causes them to live in fear of a future that is going to be equally daunting, which is not true unless we choose to believe that, that is all there is to life.

How do you help clients to find their authenticity?

First and foremost we need to accept ourselves for who we are at a subconscious level. Because it is hard to look within for many people, it is important to teach clients that it is a safe thing to do, and once they do feel safe enough, they can then see what it is that they believe about themselves that is not serving them positively. It is often very hard to accept that we could be perfect in our imperfection, but we do need to choose to believe that we are worthy and good enough just the way we are and that we are on this planet for a purpose and that our lives really matter.

I use a simple yet effective way to extract what it is that my client believes about themselves, their level of worthiness, and what they will give themselves permission to do and achieve. I give them tools to discover these limiting patterns of thought. Once they know what it is that they believe and they recognize the core problem they believe to be true for themselves, I help them with various healing disciplines to make the desired change at a subconscious level. As soon as the limiting belief system is changed, the client views their lives from a new perspective and can then learn to make inductive decisions about who they want to be and what it is they would like to create in their life and, more importantly, what legacy they want to live and leave behind. Once we stop judging ourselves and can deeply accept ourselves for who we are, we become naturally authentic and unashamed of who we are in this world. From that new self-confidence, life becomes easier to live and the challenges that will come can be navigated with more ease.

Share a few stories that moved you.

I have witnessed many transformations over the years. One such transformation is in my book. This is the story of a young couple who could not conceive, and the young lady ended up with me for some personal sessions (as it was her body that was not co-operating). At the end of our three months of working together, she had finally fallen pregnant, and then, shortly after that, she lost the fetus. She returned for more sessions with me, and it was not too long after we had started our sessions that she reported she and her husband expected a healthy baby boy, despite having been declared infertile.

Another such story is that of a woman in her midlife that had suffered a stroke and lost mobility in her left arm. The medical specialist working with her told her not to expect her arm to work again. We have started sessions, and around four months into our journey, the same arm can lift shoulder height and she even regained the use of her left hand, which is quite well on its way to restoration.

I know of people that earn more money because they feel worthy of earning more money since we have worked together. I know of multiple examples where people are manifesting their dream careers, their perfect health and wellbeing, and many more enjoy new relationships, starting with themselves and expanding to those around them. I am blessed to witness new love and relationships flourishing for some of my clients that never thought it would be possible. Multiple existing relationships also got some new energy for several clients I worked with. I have also helped several healers and coaches make a decision to serve and bring their significance to the world. One such example is a lady in her midlife who is now studying her Ph.D. and doing regular talks on personal health on the local radio stations and has, of late, co-authored a book that will be launched in December 2020.

Tell us about your new book, “Get The Hell Out of Your Own Way.”

I know I may probably sound biased if I tell you that it is a really good book that will help any reader get their freedom.

When I sat down just over a year ago to write this book, my intention was for people to find their healing and purpose, and if I could help them through my own healing path, then my transformation will serve a beautiful purpose because I know that many of us around the globe are struggling with a range of the exact same challenges.

This book is for you if you find yourself: straining to believe you deserve to live your life with grace and joy, feeling stuck, unable to wiggle out of the muck called your past,
thinking you’re in a dreadful mental and emotional jail, and struggling to free yourself so you can breathe.

You don’t have to sort through life’s chaos by yourself. I have done this ‘homework’ (forty years of sorting my own hell), and I share the means and secrets for claiming your own paradise on earth. I go deep and raw to prove you can manifest your dream life. Open your heart space while you read this book. Transformation awaits. I encourage anyone that deems their life to be stuck or static or stale to get themselves a copy from Amazon and to get into it as soon as they can because it is only the person willing to step out for themselves that will find what it is they are looking for!

What are the important areas in your book?

I take the reader on a journey of self-love and discovering their worth, which is fundamental to their happiness and living their best life. One of my personal favorite chapters is chapter three, which is titled “Unworthiness Is Nothing but a Sleeping Pill.” This chapter helps the reader to accept their own beauty, which makes them unique, and it will help them to accept their life as it is and to release the resistance to what is.

Another very powerful chapter, which I find very necessary for the human race, is titled “Did You Blow Your Chances on a Good Life?” This is chapter nine, and it speaks to us about finding the gift in what we have struggled with and it helps us to see that if we did not go through our past challenges or pains, we would never have been the amazing beings we are now.

Chapter 11, “Return to Love”, is also one that I can recommend. Many of us want to live a good life filled with love, but we entertain the opposing frequency of fear and bitterness and therefore find ourselves struggling to navigate life. In this chapter, I give the reader the reason why it is important to be conscious of where they vibrate and how to return themselves to a higher vibration where they are ultimately in their power. I quote from page 145 in this chapter, “What happened to me on my path out of the home-made hell I used to call my life, and what is happening with you on your journey as you read this book is, in practice, the dissolving of anything that is not representing love. The unconscious returning to love is taking place. It is the very journey that unbound me and handed me more freedom, more life, and more satisfactions as I kept following the prompts.”

The sooner we accept that we do not know it all, even though it may feel like we have tried all that is available to us to create a better life, the sooner we will find our freedom. This book is a powerful read, loaded with tips and tools that will bring new perspectives to the way in which the reader views their own life, and this is ultimately what is needed for change—a new perspective.

What will people experience when working with you?

Love, understanding, and non-judgment. My highest currency is unconditional love. It took me a long time to figure this out because of the way in which we are programmed to conditionally love, starting with ourselves. I love working with people. I love helping them, and I cannot do that from a place of judgment, but it’s easy to do so from a place of love and belonging. I take away all that is limiting my client. I create a space of safety and love for them to just be open and truthful to themselves and to find their way out of what they are facing. People call me inspirational, but I just operate “in-spirit,” which is to always view life from a place of unconditional love. This holds true since the days of Carl Rogers, who is one of the fathers of psychology. He said that “it is the healers’ primary responsibility to dissolve anything that is unlike love and to create a space of love for the client.” This is what I do and what I love doing for every client I get to work with, irrespective of where they find themselves in the process of life.

As a global speaker, you focus on heart-centered and life-changing topics. Please share some of the topics you enjoy speaking on?

One of my favorite topics I love speaking on is self-esteem because it is the first requisite for great undertakings and a happy meaningful life. It is always a thought provoker.

I love introducing audiences to their spiritual DNA and what that means to them from a self-esteem and accomplishment perspective. If we knew how powerful we are when we are a vibrational match with the loving universe we are in, life gets so much easier.

Of late, I have spoken to many corporate clients on the Law of Transmutation, which is an essential law to facilitate better results, especially in the current economic climate and with the lurking health threats that the pandemic brings to daily life. I have assisted many who find themselves in the fear zone in navigating their lives through conscious thinking.

Other topics I regularly speak on are: understanding the power of thoughts, the law of success, the law of order, you are your own personal brand, and trust and accountability to name but a few.

I have one more online event that is planned for 2020, and anyone who is interested can follow my Facebook page, Limit-Less Life & Transformation Coaching for more information.

What is your vision for 2021?

To grow into an even better version of myself and to not let go of any of the valuable lessons that 2020 taught me. The only place from which I choose to live is the “now” moment, and I choose to stay present and create from that perspective. I am soon launching a beautiful companion piece to my signature book called, Get The Hell Out Of Your Own Way, which I would like to put into the hands of every person that needs a way out of that hell. I am expanding my business and taking the brand (of Unconditional Love & Light) globally. I would really love for every person around the world to have easy access to what I do through this companion piece and through being accessible to anyone that needs transformation. In a nutshell, to continue to live my purpose, “I live to see the broken healed, the suffering prosper and the lost loved. I live to see the world vibrate on the frequency of fullness. I live to witness your transformation and celebrate you as a work of art!”