Teenage Firecracker Khamari Frazier is Taking Over The Fashion World

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( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Teen Fashion Designer CEO Khamari Frazier Talks Business and Success

ENSPIRE Contributor: Marianna Reyes

Through God’s calling, teenager Khamari Frazier has built a fashion empire ready to take over the world, all whilst breaking the age barrier that society has built. A vision that started at the young age of two is now a reality in the life of this young fashion designer as the owner of the Khamarifrazier brand. Creating unique custom denim jackets, other clothing articles, purses, and jewelry that speak creativity in plain view. 

“God inspired me to take this leap of faith and embark on this journey. Yes, I envisioned this at a young age; first, I was styling clothes. Then I started sketching clothes in first grade. Perfected my craft in drawing. Next thing you know I’m designing clothes, etc. I used to make purses and shoes out of duct tape and foam boards. My mom had videos of me when I was younger saying, ‘I want to be a fashion designer,’” shared Khamari.

Embarking in an entrepreneurial journey being so young has its challenges, especially through the lens that society has built for age expectations. However, Khamari’s passion for fashion has overpowered this barrier. It has continued pushing her forward in building the empire she has always dreamed of building. Despite people not understanding her grind, working hard and implementing her creative thoughts into her work has paved the way for a successful future. 

Khamari was a celebrity kid selected to be on the Yes Honey Collective panel. A panel orchestrated to highlight young CEO’s on their rise in fame and success. They have also featured it in Vocal, Medium, and Fashion Gxd Magazine. 

No matter what happens, fashion brings happiness into the life of this firecracker. By focusing on creativity, listening to music, and keeping God first, she opens the door for more room to grow personally and professionally.

To other young individuals ready to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, Khamari says, “My words of advice will be “to whom much is given much is required,’ meaning stay the course and don’t give up.

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