HBCU Battle Of The Bands In Richmond, Virginia


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) HBCU Battle of The Bands Presented By S Cubed Productions and Virginia Union University

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

The City of Richmond in Virginia has a rich history of people pioneering in music and art. Richmond’s Battle of the Bands, held on Sunday, October 3rd, 2021, will be an HBCU Band Exhibition, High School Band Battle, and HBCU Band Audition. The HBCU’s Battle of the Bands continues to be an important celebration of Black musical expression and band culture. This year, following a year of COVID-19 restrictions, we will celebrate our triumph to continue living, loving, and creating music and art.

HBCU marching bands are the product of a massive and fascinating history of black marching bands, dating back to the military. By the 1860s, brass instruments had become a staple in military bands, and all-black Union Army regiments had their own brass bands. These regiments could recruit through public appearances such as parades because they had bands. Around 185,000 black men had enlisted in the army by the end of the Civil War. Following that, marching bands became a popular part of American culture, with new bands rising up all over the place.

Photo Credit: Virginia Union University

To sum the HBCU battle up, it is a true musical collective, ‘Drums of Our Native Land to The Sounds of The Marching Bands.’ Although there are no set criteria for selecting songs to perform, most bands mix current successes with “old school” tunes with strong beats and melodic lines. The event is a must-see in everyone’s lifetime.

For more information on where you help continue Richmond Virginia HBCU’s legacy through music and art, visit the Homecoming Weekend Website. In addition, you can find sponsor and Vendor opportunities HERE.

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