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( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Founder and Owner of Brandifi Nicole Monay Seeks to Empower Minority Women with Her Grade My Logo Series

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Nicole Monay is making a huge difference in small business owners’ lives with her company, Brandifi. Monay is an entrepreneur and the founder of Brandifi, a broadband service provider that specializes in web, logo, and package design. Brandifi creates personalized logo designs that are unique to the narrative and identity of the businesses they work with. Brandifi also offers coaching from many experienced business owners, including Monay herself. 

On top of running Brandifi, Monay also leads workshops to coach other entrepreneurs. Her Grade My Logo series uses Instagram to educate business owners on building a brand and offers the chance for businesses to have their logo analyzed and revised by an industry professional. Monay also hosts Marketing Webinars, where she educates business owners and shares marketing tips to help businesses reach their full potential. Monay believes in the power of diversity. She uses her business as a space for minority women to develop greater skills and seek jobs in the technical field. She also recently launched her podcast, titled SIS- Start Your Business, which seeks to empower women to create the business of their dreams.

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ENSPIRE spoke with Nicole Monay about Brandifi, running a business, and motherhood.

What inspired you to found Brandifi? 

Brandifi began shortly after getting fired from my job, which was indeed a blessing in disguise. I tried to apply for more jobs but in vain. This was a sign for me to start my entrepreneurial journey. Before laying the foundation of my venture, I promised ‌I would use my journey to provide opportunities to minorities and women of color. This was my empathic decision-making as a founder.

Eventually, I founded Brandifi with a lot of love and a change-making vision. Brandifi is derived from the word ‘Brand,’ which has strong associations with employing creativity to attract customers. Brandifi creates a platform that is designed to fill any brand technical skills gap—from any small business to large companies. Our services include logo packaging, web designing, and personalized coaching as well. There’s a personalized touch in work done at Brandifi.

How did you obtain your skills in branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship? 

I have always had business experience in coaching, graphics, and web development. I am very diligent and intentional with every website development that I touch. I am very results-driven so I aim to meet the needs of each and every client…Most of the experience that I have comes from my BA in Business Administration, in addition to my years of experience now with Brandifi.

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How do your programs help women, particularly minority women, find success in the business world? 

At Brandifi, we work with small and large minority and female business owners with products and services that are in need of branding or a fresh creative design. There is a specialized focus in the e-commerce business. These Small or Large minority-owned Businesses are also in need of company logos or in search of relevant logos that represent their business, in need of a creative visualization that depicts the personality of the business via their website, in need of packaging creation that paints a picture of the businesses products and offered services. We provide that for all of our clients.

What advice do you have for anyone who is thinking of starting their own business?

My advice for any future business owner is to maintain a good business life and personal life balance. My son, my family always comes first, and then next I make sure I pour into my business and my creativity. Keep your faith. There will be ups and downs in your business. Some days it will seem like more downs than ups.

No matter how it seems, continue to move forward, and focus on your why. Why are you doing this? Why does this mean so much to you? Whatever it is. Lastly, listen to my podcast! I render wholehearted support and advice to female entrepreneurs through my Podcast named “SIS Start Your Business”. Also, follow me on social media because I am always dropping free knowledge!

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What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part about being a business owner is being able to have the freedom to balance my life the way that I want. I also really love being able to work with my team, from home. As a mother, life is not always a field of strawberries for me. I am usually working as long as 8 hours a day on average. I also manage to find time daily, to focus on my self-care as well. I am a firm advocate of being able to balance my professional life and mental health as well.

Courtesy of Nicole Monay

Nicole Monay is teaching business owners invaluable skills that will help them find the success they deserve. Her programs encourage women to pursue their goals without fear and give them the tools they need to make their businesses stand out. Collectively, her seminars have already reached over 300 people, and her numbers are growing every day. Not only is Monay a powerful businesswoman, but her commitment to finding a work-life balance and maintaining her mental health is also inspiring. Her passion and drive have helped hundreds of other business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

Follow Nicole Monay and Brandifi on Instagram! You can also visit Brandifi’s website here.

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